We’ve come a long way in 10 years, but one thing has stayed the same:
we just really love helping people and creating happy clients

Smack Happy Timeline

Back in 2008 Nicole was still working a full time job for Alexa Internet when she decided to give full-time freelancing a go. She convinced her husband, Steve, to give her THREE months to make it work (in retrospect, this is not much time!) or she would look for another full-time job. Needless to say, she did it! She made it through that first year, which is the toughest.

After about a year Nicole had enough business to keep going full-time. She made her clients so happy they kept coming back and referring her to others.

She was also introduced to EM Marketing around this time, which lead to a long term relationship where they would help each out with various client projects.


Nicole was able to sustain the pace for a while, but by 2013 she was getting way too busy and needed help working on all the projects coming her way. So she searched for a contractor to help out. She found Ruben and has been working with him ever since.


At this point Nicole started to feel stuck and stagnant, so she began looking for networking events so she could connect with other businesses who may be facing the same challenges. She wasn’t sure how to grow and wanted to meet with like-minded people. She was invited to a BNI meeting and immediately fell in love with the structured networking – she didn’t have to awkwardly approach people, the meeting did everything for her!


While at BNI, Nicole met her soon-to-be business coach, Crystal. They started working together and Crystal turned Nicole’s world upside down! The biggest shift: being a freelancer vs a business owner. Processes were created, more people were hired, a sales and marekting strategy was created. Smack Happy was taking off!


The year the team really started to grow. With all the new processes in place, Nicole began to hire a stellar team of people who also cared about clients just as much as she did. During this year Danielle and Corina joined the team.

Smack Happy also started getting awards: Expertise – top 20 in SF


Heylen / April
Anna / June
John / Oct
WP Elevation / June
Sep – quit BNI, quit coach
Summit Award
IMA winner


Marcio / Jan
Expertise – top 20 in SF