Hire Someone You Can Trust [Free Masterclass!]

How to Successfully Hire Someone You Can Trust

As a small business owner, your company is your heart and soul. You truly live and breathe the mission behind it all. You also know that the more work you invest in your business, the more you realize positive results.

The thing is, if you want to scale up your business and continue on a path of growth, you’ll most likely reach a point where you’ll become too busy, overwhelmed, and overworked. This is why you’ll need to hire the right team members to help you out because it simply becomes too much to manage it all on your own anymore. 


Should you hire?

How do you create a job description to hire someone who truly connects with your core values?

Isn’t it difficult to run/manage/trust a remote team?

The good news is, we’ve been there and done that. We can answer all of those questions and help you achieve extremely positive results! We explain it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly—in our free masterclass, “How to Successfully Hire Someone You Can Trust”. Join us live, from the comfort of your own space and learn how our true, tried and tested hiring process will help you achieve your dreams as well as save you time and money.


hire someone you can trust - nicole and danielle in sf
PS. I hired Danielle three years ago through this very same process – as well as the rest of my awesome team!


Drive Your Business Towards Your Goals and Beyond

By attending our free masterclass, we can help you save time and other resources in a multitude of ways throughout the interview process to successfully hiring someone and after. You will learn tips on how to get the most eligible job candidates to your inbox, and how to quickly and efficiently narrow the job applications and candidate pool from there to build your dream team. We’ll also explore how you can build and foster trust with your new hires, just as you would with your own customers or clients. 

Hiring Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

We know and understand (all too well) that hiring can be scary, even frustrating, and that is precisely why we are excited to share some of our wisdom with you, help guide you on where to begin in the hiring process, and where to go from there.

After this masterclass, you’ll be able to know how to hire your first employee and be well on your way on your ideal path to reach your goals and grow your business. Ultimately, you will have more time to enjoy being in your zone of genius (or maybe even have the time to take one of those ever-elusive vacations that everyone keeps talking about)!

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Ready to hire and grow?




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