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Happy Clients Say…

I’ve worked with Nicole and Smack Happy Design for several years now and couldn’t recommend her work strongly enough. She is that incredibly rare combo of a pleasure to work with AND delivers incredibly high quality work.

Even in the face of a colleague of mine who seemed like he would never be satisfied and asked for about a bajillion revisions on a piece of work I thought was already top notch, Nicole soared. She happily made each and every one, never showing even a touch of frustration, and did indeed finally satisfy someone for whom I thought might not be capable of satisfaction.

Another thing I love about her is that I’ve brought her a project that repeats over the years and she somehow manages to come up with new and interesting art that keeps it fresh each year. I love that her artist brain won’t let her just copy and paste!

Run, don’t walk, to hire Smack Happy Design.

Nicole Frydman

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