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An attainable approach to creating a business website that looks great, is affordable, and most importantly, easy to use.


What do you mean, ready-made website?

Think of the Biz Builder, Ready-Made Website (let’s refer to it as Biz Builder for short) as one of those DIY website builders like Wix or SquareSpace, except that you don’t have to be the one figuring out how to get it done. We’ll handle it all for you. What you’re really getting is our experience and expertise. Answer a few questions along the way, and poof, you have a website!

The Biz Builder is built on WordPress with Beaver Builder. Like that alliteration? It can be customized and added to over time. We’ll give you a training session to teach you how to use it and you’ll be able to refer back to that recorded video session right from the backend. Our goal is to get you set up and empower you to make the most of your new website.

What it is...

A simple WordPress website. Anyone can use it, including you, after a simple training session. Forty percent of the internet is made up of WordPress websites, so it’s well supported.

A website that will grow with you and your business.

A huge time saver. Instead of spending time researching domain names, hosting, and website builders, we do it all for you.

A fully completed website with ongoing support and maintenance for peace of mind. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time. 

... and isn't.

It isn’t a template that we use for everyone. We start with the same tool, Beaver Builder, which isn’t a template, rather a website builder.

It isn’t complex, there is no complex functionality included. Think of it as a brochure website with simple pages that just have text on them. However, you can add functionality and customization to the website later.

It isn’t a fully custom website. However, it is customizable. What we mean is, we will not go deep on the design or your target audience. This is a great “starter” website, proof that you are real and legitimate. 

Who is it for?

The solo entrepreneur, business professional, or small business owner. One who doesn’t have the time, expertise, or the budget to create a website on their own; who values having an expert take care of things.  

You should be working on your core business, what you love, not figuring out how to create and maintain a website. 

This solution is perfect for getting your online presence set up properly with a website that functions well and helps you seal the deal with new prospects. 

This is the site you use until you have the cash to invest in a fancy, custom designed website. 

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I felt proud to send people to my website again. I feel well cared for and I know I can come to Smack Happy for answers if I have any trouble or questions."
— Alexis Keenan