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CCPA / GDPR Information The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are highly technical...

How to Choose Image Sizes & Types for Your Website

Image Optimization – Choosing Web Image* Formats *Generally, all web images should be 72ppi and include the RGB color profile....

How to Add a New User to Your WordPress Website

Use this quick start guide to add (and delete!) a new user to your WordPress website.

Add Users to Your Google Analytics Account

Quick Setup Guide Use this quick start guide to add a new user to your Google Analytics account with or...

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Our hope is that we share something here that might help you or your business while we're figuring it all out together.

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Before you hire a web developer, grade them!

Things To Think About Before Hiring A Web Development & Design Firm

So, you’ve decided you need to hire a firm for some web development and design, but where do you start?…

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Top 7 Web Development Tools for 2017 - Smack Happy Design

Smack Happy’s Top 7 Web Development Tools for 2017

How many different development *tools have you used or tried for your web development project? How many of those tools lightened…

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Choosing A Cheap Web Designer Puts Your Business At Risk — Smack Happy

Choosing A Cheap Web Designer Puts Your Business At Risk

Over the years, a couple of my best clients have gone with the cheapest website design solution—whether it’s the cousin,…

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4 Top Reasons For A Website Redesign Feat Img — Smack Happy

4 Top Reasons For A Website Redesign [And More]

Your website is your number one business asset and sales tool, so why should you consider a website redesign? Based…

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Spotting A Sh*tty Storyteller, From Danielle Iera

History says that the art of storytelling is binding, defining, relays important messaging, and invokes positive interactions and experiences among…

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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing. What is it? Why is it a critical strategy for any business? Part one in a series explains…

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Why hire a web designer? (As opposed to doing it yourself)

The Scenario Imagine yourself roller skating down the streets of San Francisco. All of a sudden, you hit a bump,…

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Did someone hack your WordPress?

What to do if someone has hacked your WordPress website. How do you know if your WordPress site has been…

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Why you should hire me instead of 99 Designs

A friend of mine recently used 99 Designs to get a web site design and was extremely disappointed. While that site may work well for logos, it does not work well for web sites.

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