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Website Content Questionnaire

Content creation is one of the hardest things to complete for your business. Oftentimes, this part of the marketing process...

How to Choose Image Sizes & Types for Your Website

Image Optimization – Choosing Web Image* Formats *Generally, all web images should be 72ppi and include the RGB color profile....


CCPA / GDPR Information The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are highly technical...

Add Users to Your Google Analytics Account

Quick Setup Guide Use this quick start guide to add (and update) a new user to your Google Analytics account....

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Our hope is that we share something here that might help you or your business while we're figuring it all out together.

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Spreading the Word, Part 1: SEO

A friend of mine recently asked for some advice about how to make your site known, particularly if you’ve just launched. How to get your site into Google search results and in general what to do for search engine optimization.

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Design for the Holidays

From our newsletter… Halloween is just around the corner, which means Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa – or as I…

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Some Clever Design from ThinkGeek

I recently got an email from ThinkGeek.com about getting their anniversary tee for free with a $10 purchase. When I…

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Fixed vs. Liquid

Should your web site design have a fixed width or should it be liquid and expand across the entire browser?…

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Sending Large Files

In the design business, the occasion often arises where you have to send a very large file. I consider anything…

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Home Page Formula

If you’re offering a service online, there is a particular formula most sites use these days. The top half of…

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Supporting Imagery

When I begin a project for a client I like to build up a lot of imagery that relates to…

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SEO Tips

A friend recently asked me to take a look at his site and give him some suggestions on how to…

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Tilt-Shift Photography

Tilt-Shift Photography is a technique used to create the feeling of a miniature scene. The photo is taken from above…

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