Content Process

We’ll follow a series of steps that are flexible and allow room for creative thinking and adaptation to your individual needs. We find this copy process makes the work flow smoothly, while simultaneously making it more fun.


We typically work with digital documents (e.g. Google Docs) where we’ll use comments and suggestions through back and forth collaborative communications through email. If you require any special accommodations for this process, please let us know ahead of the project. 


icon discoverIn this step, we will conduct an initial questionnaire / interview to determine who your client is, what big picture problems you solve, and why they choose you to help solve them.

Based on our initial questionnaire / interview session, we’ll dig in and learn more about things like your industry, how you got started, why you do this, who is behind it all, your mission and overall philosophy.


icon draftJust before we begin composing, refreshing, or organizing any copy - we’ll organize everything we have into one file. Additional research may be done in this phase if we need to fill in any gaps. Next, we'll create an outline.

The outline is like our skeleton, where we’ll create a quick high-level road map for the rest of the project.

Then, we begin filling in the skeleton — putting meat and muscle on the bones. This is where we get creative in choosing the perfect language, images, and style to properly convey your message. This is where we get to tell your story.


Revise, Edit, Repeat

icon designIn the draft phase, we won’t get hung up on commas and apostrophes, so in this step we’ll clean everything up to make sure it’s grammatically correct.

Polish & Review

icon develop

We’ll let the previous step simmer then come back to our revised copy with fresh eyes to make any finishing touches. By the end of this step, we’ll send a copy approval document to sign for your approval. Once approved, we’ll move the copy onto the staging website.

Final Revision

icon dance

Everyone has personal preferences and language peeves. We welcome you to go through the copy on the staging website to make final changes to words, add a line or two, remove a line, or add in a special phrase. This may not be needed.