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Darius Contractor

Darius Contractor / PhotoSugar

Smack Happy is a joy to work with. The only designer I know who I can completely trust to: understand what I’m going for, make great initial mocks, work with my feedback and then actually build in my code base! I enjoy simply giving my input, reviewing mocks and then seeing the results live on the web days later.

Nicole is easy to work with and is adept at many different design styles. She turns my ideas and guidance into a usable, coherent product design.

I recommend her highly and look forward to working with her again on future projects.

Karim Ani

Karim Ani / Mathalicious

Smack Happy is one of the most professional design firms we’ve ever worked with. They’re super-responsive and the quality is top-notch!

Alicia Aguirre

Alicia Aguirre / Re-Elect for City Council

Nicole is very creative. She took my ideas and designed a fantastic website that depicted exactly what I was looking for. It is by far one of the best campaign sites in the Bay Area. This is one of the comments I received: ” I think your campaign website is one of best. The design gives one a sense of energy and freshness.” Nicole made me shine.

Lynne Botsford

Lynne Botsford / M&I Bank / BMO Harris Bank

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicole. I found her on the internet and was impressed with her style. Even though she was 2,000 miles away, the project moved along without a hitch. Our deadlines moved up (of course), and Nicole was able to meet them. The final illustrations were more than I expected. I loved them. And so did everyone else. In fact, this annual event was called one of the best!

Bill Mathews

Bill Mathews / Hurricane Labs, LLC

Nicole is an excellent designer with a keen interest in the business behind the design. Her work reflect the best of the companies she works with.

Stephen McDonald

Stephen McDonald / E-Loan

It was always a pleasure to work with Nicole. She was the ideal mix of designer, artist, web developer and technical guru. She brought a lot to the table and helped make the creative department become a respected group at E-LOAN.

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