Do you love coding and designing something different every day?

Would you describe yourself as someone who:
Is a top performer who loves challenges? An organized, self-starter who takes tasks and runs with them? Loves to help people and make their lives easier? Code the crap out of a website with super clean code? And design the pants off the competition?

If this describes you then we need to talk.

You’ll be responsible for coding and designing at Smack Happy Design in San Francisco. We’re constantly getting new projects with new challenges and the opportunity to help on-going clients update their sites with new features and new looks, because people love working with us.

You’ll need to be friendly, organized, fun, communicative, honest, trustworthy, and able to see the big picture. You’ll be eager to take this opportunity to learn, grow and create beautiful, user-friendly websites because you truly care about giving our clients the very best.

If you know SEO that’s even better.

This is a part time / freelance position for 15-30 hours per week.

Interested? Here’s what to do next, follow these steps:

  • Send your resume via email to
  • Use the subject line: “WordPress Web Helper”
  • In the email, please include links to three sites you’ve coded in WordPress and let us know what your role was, be descriptive
  • Share your favorite WordPress plugins
  • Include your hourly rate
  • Give us an estimate for doing a home page design based on this wireframe:
  • Give us an estimate for coding the home page that you would design in the step above (separate estimate for design and code)
  • Answer these six questions: Can you truly commit to 15-30 hours per week? Where do you live? How well do you know CSS? How well do you know PHP? How well do you know WordPress? What is your career goal and what would make you happiest?