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Hundreds of thousands of people use the Alexa Traffic Graphs every day to check their website statistics. Alexa’s “Compare Sites” feature was underused and needed to be more prominent. Smack Happy evaluated the existing graphs, conducted several rounds of user testing, and produced a more user-friendly graph. Additionally, we improved usability by testing the five colors in the legend against color blindness and changing them to more distinguishable colors.

We also designed supporting vector illustrations for Alexa’s Quick Tour for the Web Search Platform. Graphics include: Build an Application, Save Time and Money, Crawling the Web, Scheduling, Learning, Searching, and Web Architecture.

Smack Happy created five ads to rotate randomly on Alexa’s website to promote downloading the Alexa Toolbar. The ads are displayed below in order of success, with the top three coming in much farther above the last two. One of the things that makes them so successful is their design element of breaking the visual line between the header and the body, so characters’ heads stick up or poke out.

Role / Concept / Graphic Design / Illustration / HTML and CSS / Photoshop / User Interface