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The Brief

Megan Cohen is an adoption attorney and owner of Family Formation and Help With Adoption. Megan came to us to find out why some women may not be reaching out as much as they used to, and what we could do to help.

Our Approach

First, we created a live user experience test that asked 5 women (specific to the audience demographics for Help With Adoption) over 30 questions to help identify what the issue may have been on the website. We dug into a variety of topics ranging from the ease of which women could find what they needed to create an adoption plan. The results were so helpful in taking the next steps to refresh the homepage and create more opportunities for the women to continue to feel safe, be able to get what they needed quickly and understand how Megan could help them through the adoption process and more.

As we developed a plan to refresh the homepage, we also saw an opportunity to create a confidential, comprehensive (yet straightforward) adoption plan questionnaire to help women begin their adoption plan right away.

The Result

In only a few short weeks, we had completely refreshed the homepage and added the adoption plan questionnaire. Since the launch, Megan has noticed an uptick in women reaching out to her for help. Oftentimes, we complete website projects that have technical or monetary goals. It truly felt good to be a part of a website refresh completely dedicated to the amazing services that Megan provides to women who are facing one of the most deeply personal choices of their life. We can only hope our updates help them through.

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