I work with several wonderful businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and I would highly recommend all of them if you are in need of their services.

Alec Harrington

Alec Harrington, Estate Law

Stanaland & Associates is one of the Bay Area’s premier tax and estate planning law firms. My focus is to help families achieve their planning and financial goals during life and to guide them through the administration of an estate after a loved one passes.


Alexis Keenan

Alexis Keenan, Videographer

I use video to help my clients reach their customers on a more personal level. A video tailored to a specific personality and/or business has a better chance of connecting current and future customers to the professional that will meet their needs. I work with my clients to plan a video that will represent what they want to bring to the world. I work with them on camera to make themselves and their business look amazing. I organize the story and message and put the final touches on the video before giving it to the client or web developer.


Andrea Schilling

Andrea Schilling, Chiropractor

Most chiropractors think that keeping you out of the doctor’s office is a bad business model, but we know that if we can keep you doing the things you love pain free, you’ll tell your friends. We don’t need to see you 3 times a week for the rest of your life. There are too many people in San Francisco who really need care whom we want to help. We treat you like an Olympic athlete who wants to get back into the game pain free ASAP.


Austin Andruss

Austin Andruss, Mortgage Banking

My goal is to work with clients from start to finish to help them select the most appropriate mortgage product for their given financial situation and future goals. Unlike most lenders, I strive to build long term relationships with clients and proactively stay in contact after close to help clients manage their mortgage on an ongoing basis.

Opes Advisors is a privately owned mortgage bank in Northern California. In addition to our own internal mortgage bank, we also have the ability to broker should a client’s situation be better suited outside of our bank. At a time when tremendous change is sweeping through our industry, having a fully functional mortgage bank is a tremendous asset and allows us to control the entire process from start to finish. Having the ability to close loans in house gives us a large advantage over pure brokers and retail banks.


Austin Stubbs

Austin Stubbs, Movement Specialist

I’ve been an avid participant in sports for almost all of my life, and I believe that this has instilled in me a passion for fitness. I played ice hockey for nearly a decade and rugby in college, and these are times that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I believe that a healthy lifestyle can improve a person’s quality of life in all aspects, and an essential part of this lifestyle is exercise. This exercise should have meaning and intention behind it, and these are both things that I attempt to consider during any exercise prescription. I particularly enjoy weightlifting and resistance training, especially powerlifting. I try to push my clients with high-intensity workouts, always maintaining an emphasis on proper form and technique. I truly enjoy helping people and helping them improve themselves and their own quality of life – rather than simply advise and prescribe, I aim to motivate others to take an active role in the improvement of their own quality of life. My passion for fitness, health, and helping others are all qualities that allow me to be truly committed to training and helping others help themselves!

Powerlifting/Olympic Weightlifting
Strength Training
Resistance Training
Sport Training and Conditioning


Brady Helkenn

Brady Helkenn, IT Consulting

I started my formal training to fix computers in 2007, got my first job in 2008, and have been running my own business since 2010.

I’ve earned various Microsoft and Apple certifications during the past 9 years, including:

Windows 7 Optimization
Mac OS X Lion troubleshooting
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)
A+ (hardware troubleshooting)
Network+ (network protocols and troubleshooting)
Security+ (security algorithms, best practices for computer security)

I’ve helped migrate entire companies to new phone systems, email systems, and set up brand new offices. I’ve supported hundreds of people with their IT needs. I’ve solved problems ranging from a crashed hard drive to a Chromebook refusing to connect to an Apple router. Through all of these experiences, the one constant I hear is “Good thing you’re in my life. I would have never been able to figure this out on my own.”

I believe in taking away the stress of technology wherever I can. Struggle less by turning to the right professional for help.

Outside of work, I play piano, go hiking every now and then, try new restaurants, and am admittedly a Trekkie AND a Star Wars fan.


Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy, Investment Advisor

Wealth Management Advisor


Christen Scanlon

Christen Scanlon, Insurance

Christen Scanlon is the owner of Scanlon and Associates, an Allstate Agency in San Francisco, with over 7 years in the insurance and financial services industry, and a record as one of the company’s top agencies in California. She is a graduate of Saint Joseph’s University – Haub School of Business, where she was a member of the rowing team as well as the recipient of a basketball scholarship. Christen Scanlon serves as our chapter’s Vice President.


Jason Fenske

Jason Fenske, Life Coach

I am a passionate advocate for self discovery, and love helping others tap into their hidden potential.


Jennifer Winfrey

Jennifer Winfrey, Birth Photographer

Birth photography is a beautiful form of journalistic art that captures the emotions and loving connections of a family, from active labor through the many “firsts” that happen in the few hours after the arrival of the little one. All images are preserved in an authentic, non-invasive, fly on the wall manner, and will forever contribute to your memory of the day your little one arrived into the world.


Jon Hjartberg

Jon Hjartberg,

Every team, organization and company has a story. I’ll help you find what makes you and your approach to your market special and work on ways to tell it to the world.

I’m an on-call resource for strategy, web marketing specializing in product & content marketing, sales support, content creation (collateral, documents & presentations, video, blog & social posts and even ebooks).

I’ve worked in companies from 2 to 10,000, and non-profits. I love being on-demand and love new projects.

Estimates are free, as is a great conversation about you, your business or team, and your plans for future growth and development.


Julie Denny

Julie Denny, Interior Design & Staging

Home Stagers offers staging and interior design services to the residents, real estate agents, and developers of the San Francisco bay area. Our team of talented and experienced designers specialize in creating chic styles based on each properties unique character.


Kirk Dahle

Kirk Dahle, Residential Real Estate

Only the most informed real estate professionals can guide you through the ups and downs of the Bay Area real estate market. Kirk has been helping buyers and sellers navigate it for several years. Kirk started in the construction trade at an early age which sparked an intense interest in the housing market. Kirk has been a relentless advocate for his clients. He is constantly networking with real estate professionals to find the perfect opportunities for his buyers and sellers. Past clients describe Kirk as incredibly resourceful with an uncanny ability to broker a successful deal. Nearly 100% of Kirk’s business comes from previous clients and referrals, which, alone reveals what people think about Kirk’s approach and winning strategy to real estate investing. They know it pays to go with what works!


Michael Fink

Michael Fink, Massage Therapist

I provide quality bodywork/massage, for people in all walks of life. With intuition, and over 1,025 hours of training, I work with you and your body to create space and length in the muscle, and relieve pain caused by tension and knots.


Sarah Michelle Davis

Sarah Michelle Davis, Hair Stylist

I specialize in Hair Cutting, Styling and Extensions.


Soniyah Singh

Soniyah Singh, Matchmaker & Relationship Coach

Simply put, Finding Bliss founder Soniyah Singh is in love with love. As a long-standing part of her family’s culture, matchmaking is woven into her being – yet she discovered her passion for matchmaking almost by “accident.” Initially, she had joined a local matchmaking service as a candidate but quickly learned that her magnetic energy, warm personality, and intuitive listening skills would lead her down a path more fulfilling than she could ever have imagined.


Tom Bakerink

Tom Bakerink, CPA

Louie & Wong LLP is a certified public accounting firm located in San Francisco. We are composed of experienced certified public accountants with substantial years of public and corporate accounting experience.


Vasili Panopoulos

Vasili Panopoulos, Anti-Aging Wellness Specialist

Vasili’s passion and expertise is to help people who want to look amazing, and strive for optimal health through the use of all-natural gene based anti-aging products.