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Forget Everything Your Mother Told You About Websites

The internet just isn’t what it used to be. As a small business owner it used to be easy to get away with a brochure website — one that served the same purpose as a trifold brochure sitting in your waiting area. This simply isn’t true anymore, no matter what your mom says. Now your website needs to be engaging, helpful and full of valuable content. It should attract new leads and funnel them into your sales process, in other words, it should serve as another member of your team helping streamline your business.

During this presentation, I'll help you “forget everything you previously thought about when it comes to websites” and turn your website into a lead generating machine, which will, in turn, give back more time for you to focus more on what you love to do.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How to turn your website into a 24-hour salesperson that you can trust.
  • How to find the time to work on your website and marketing.
  • How to achieve your website goals without spending a fortune.

If you find yourself pushing off website and marketing tasks, Nicole can help you make these items a priority and get you and your website on a path to success.


A little more about Nicole:

In 1998, Nicole Hanusek began her career with a web consulting company back in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. During this time, she learned everything about designing websites, coding HTML and PHP, managing projects, and the importance of usability and user experience. She has used this knowledge, combined it with her love of helping people and lots of creativity with a BFA in Illustration, to form Smack Happy Design, one of the Top 20 Web Design Firms in San Francisco for six years running. She has also served as a GoDaddy Pro Council advisor since 2014.

Speaking Testimonials

"I’d been feeling uncomfortable asking for help with my website because I was embarrassed to admit to anyone I lacked even the basic knowledge of web design and how to get it seen by a broader audience. When I heard Nicole speak I felt like she was speaking to me personally. Her speaking style was clear, concise, and she had a casual and friendly attitude. Best of all she spoke in easy to understand language and never talked down to people. She was engaging and full of valuable information. Working with Nicole has been a wonderful experience, like her workshop she’s continued to educate me and is always professional and fun.
– Gwen McClure

"In addition to expert technical skills, Nicole brings a professional arts background and a depth of interpersonal experiences that allow her to place technology in the service of her clients rather than putting her clients at the mercy of technology. Invite her to speak! Find out how she can do this for you."
– Michael Palladino

"I recently attended an event where Nicole presented on website marketing. I was very impressed by her portfolio and her range of clients and particularly with her willingness to share her professional insights on what makes an effective website. I really liked Nicole’s presentation style as well. She presented on a topic that is pretty common place theses days, but made it compelling and interesting. She married her knowledge and expertise on the subject with a very natural, easy style. I was particularly impressed with how she held the group’s attention throughout her presentation."
– Karen McKinley

"I love the pace at which you speak. You don't rush through things, you allow your audience to process what you're saying, and you come across as very genuine."
– Liz McGee

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