At Smack Happy, we take a very caring,
strategic approach to your marketing.

Search Engine Optimization
(Free & Paid)

Either approached organically, or via paid channels, SEO is one of the most important marketing solutions for your business. We can plan and implement a full-scale strategy that parallels to your goals, fits your needs, and shows your return on investment.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Creating content is one of the most dif cult elements of creating a website that speaks well to it’s intended users. We can help you nd your voice, establish yourselves as the experts we know you are (in writing), and encourage your potential customers to find you.

Web Design Strategy

Your website is the most important tool you have right now for your business. We can guide you through a fusion of tactical planning solutions that combine many elements of web design to form an actionable and cohesive strategy.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is more than just a logo. While a brand strategy does include creative elements such as your logo, a tagline, or a color palette—it also includes the overall experience every person will have with your product or service. We can help you define who you are, what you want to convey to your potential customers or prospects, and what you represent.

Ecommerce Strategy

If you’re an ecommerce business, generating business is just as important as maintaining your brand. We can help you create memorable experiences for your customers by developing a high-end retail web design, and by understanding that the interaction isn’t just transactional.

Promotional Strategy

Promotion is an integral part of your marketing mix. We can help you create fun, effective promotions either for your customers or to incentivize your own team.

Social Media Engagement & Strategy (Free & Paid)

We know that the who, what, where, and when behind your brand’s messaging takes careful planning, and is equally important as measuring your return on investment.

PR Strategy

We can help you form and tackle a group of planned actions targeted to achieve your PR goals.

Marketing Automation Strategy

Start with the basics. We’ll first help you define and set achievable goals, map out lead management stages and move on to more detailed stages such as creating a nurturing program, creating lead segments and more.

Lead Nurture Strategy (Email Campaigns & Automation)

With inbound marketing methodology in mind, you’ll need a plan to nurture the leads you receive. We can help you form strategic, tactical steps to carry out targeted, multi-channel, and personalized types of email campaigns.

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