EPISODE 025 // 57:11 MIN

Advice & Insights for Entrepreneurs Featuring Chris Michael Harris

In This Episode…

Today our guest is Chris Michael Harris – a serial entrepreneur, and the host of the podcast show, Entrepreneur Hour.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The most important pieces of becoming an entrepreneur that everyone should know when starting out
  • Bootstrapping versus everything else
  • How learning from past experiences and being open to new ones is key to your ultimate success

Download the notes to grab the Ultimate Startup Checklist. This checklist helps you discover your wants and needs, who your competitors are, your financials, how to factor in relationships and more.


Chris Michael Harris, a serial entrepreneur, and host of the podcast show, Entrepreneur Hour.

Chris offers entrepreneurs advice to help others avoid some of the mistakes he made during his own career, ultimately to help with how to make their business wildly successful.

The stories he shares at times seem almost impossible to believe but they definitely entertain, inspire, and put a smile on your face. His dream is to see you WIN!

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