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    The Body Gallery & Vital 7™ Care Plan

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    The Body Gallery is a San Francisco boutique fitness studio that has created an art out of providing personalized Pilates experiences to their clients. With over 20 years of instructor experience, founder Cassidy Moore is passionate about helping her clients find their inner strength and personal spirit through custom-designed sessions and video series subscription. The Body Gallery has been a Smack Happy client since 2017.

    The Goal

    Cassidy Moore’s work speaks for itself in the hundreds (and hundreds) of stories her clients share about coming back from injuries, accomplishing goals they never imagined possible, and getting into the best shape of their life.

    She is truly skilled and passionate about her work, but Cassidy realized early on in the founding of The Body Gallery that marketing her business and managing a website was not her forte. “I’m not a salesperson. The skill set isn’t a fit — it’s not my expertise — so it’s very challenging.”

    When you’re spending your time on the things you don’t like or don’t do well, it can take a toll on the business, but as a solo entrepreneur, Cassidy felt the expectation to “wear all the hats”.

    “It was hard to separate the stress and anxiety of promoting myself from my craft. It put a lot of pressure on me when I felt like I had to do it alone, and it took a lot of joy away from my craft.”

    Cassidy realized she was spending too much energy feeling stressed and too much time on the things she wasn’t skilled at — and not getting enough joy from her business. As she has grown her business through her Vital 7 video series, it was becoming more difficult to go it alone.

    She realized she needed a partner, and tapped Smack Happy to take a handful of hats.

    The Solution

    We asked Cassidy which of the 10 features of the WordPress Support Plan was most important to her and she told us: “Health & Analytics Reports, so we can test and measure to make sure what we’re doing is getting results.

    At The Body Gallery, Cassidy personalizes her Vital 7 program to each client. This allows them to test the process and measure the results. They talk through each exercise through the video series and educate their clients on how each movement is done and why. 

    Cassidy says the reason is “so you can set your intention and understand what result you are looking for” and clearly it works because her clients can’t stop talking about their incredible results.

    I signed up for the Vital 7™ program and was absolutely amazed at the changes in my body. The structure of the program is fantastic. – Dr. Lila R, Chiropractor/Circus Geek

    We’ve taken the same approach for Cassidy’s WordPress Support Plan. Our Smack Happy Team is regularly testing and measuring The Body Gallery website, so at the end of the month, we can share the results in the form of a health report outlining what has happened with her website and why.

    Through the WordPress Support plan and optional add-ons Cassidy requested, she’s been able to expand her Vital7 marketing through her website plan. Cassidy can focus on her clients and growing her business while we optimize her website and marketing content to attract her target audience.

    We asked Cassidy why she values the WordPress Support Plan so much and she told us:

    “I leave it in the hands of the experts to market my business because it takes the stress off of me and gives me the time to focus on what I’m skilled at.”

    The Result

    Although Cassidy was quick to point to the monthly Health Report and optimized website performance as an indication of results, we were curious about how the WordPress Support Plan has impacted Cassidy as a business owner.

    We asked her to share more about her personal journey as a creative and a business owner, so we could better understand how the WordPress Support Plan has changed the way Cassidy does business.

    “The room and space I got in my mindset is such a huge relief. I’m feeling that inspiration, motivation, and that drive! I have that much more energy to hone in on my craft and do what I love instead of stressing and having anxiety about how I’m going to grow my business.”

    Cassidy to truly in her zone of genius, and it shows in Vital7. We’re so glad she chose to delegate her website and marketing needs to us because we love doing it — it’s in our skillset.

    As Cassidy said, if you’re looking to “relieve stress, find more time, and get results” like she was, then the WordPress Support Plan might be also for you.

    So, are you a solo entrepreneur or small business owner looking to delegate some of the many hats you wear? 

    Learn more about our WordPress Support Packages, including a variety of care plans and add-ons to meet the specific needs of your business.

    From The Client


    Danielle is wonderful to work with because not only is she great at what she does, she also cares deeply about your success!

    She has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND for me and I feel so grateful to have her on my team. She has helped me to break out of my comfort zone, go after my dreams and follow my heart. Thank You, Danielle!