Custom Website Solution

Our goal is to make sure that all of our clients have beautiful, professional, easy-to-use, full solution websites. Part of achieving that goal involves a simple and straightforward process.

As a Smack Happy client you will receive:
– Clear guidance from your dedicated project manager as we go through each step of the process.
– Screenshots and directions clearly explaining answers to your questions.
– A response to your email, text or phone calls within 48 hours excluding weekends, holidays and vacations.
– Out-of-the-box solutions that take your project to the next level.

Here is what it’s like to work with us…



Our team and your team meet to discuss the project details, timeline, and process, and answer questions we have for one another.

We may also want to learn about your current process and how we can help streamline your business.



We begin by researching your industry and reviewing your content and processes. We’ll create buyer personas and do any required user testing on your current setup.



The team will develop a sitemap based on your current content setup, new services and organization needs, and target audience.




Based on the approved sitemap, the team will create a working prototype, or interactive wireframe, that allows you to see the site in action. The prototype will represent the functionality and does not have any design yet at this stage. Any custom functionality will be built-in at this stage.

This crucial step allows you to see how information flows together, where content will go and what content is needed as we move into the design phase.

When the prototype is approved, you begin working on your new content.




Based on the prototype, creative brief and target audience, the team will design a unique homepage from scratch.

We’ll go through two rounds of revisions and finalize your look and feel to match your brand and messaging.




At this stage we begin coding the design into the prototype and building your custom WordPress theme.

Any custom functionality will be finessed and finalized at this stage.

From the browser we’ll design the secondary pages and responsive views (mobile and tablet).



We will review your content and give feedback.

Once we’ve all decided that the content is complete, we will add it to the custom website with design and supporting imagery.



At this stage we begin coding the design into the Once all the design and content are in place we’ll begin the testing phase. We’ll review the site in all the latest browsers and devices to make sure it works properly for everyone.

We’ll also test any complex functionality and ensure that your website visitors can achieve their goals on your website.



Switch the domain to point to your new custom website, test key components again and consider the site launched!


post launch

Post Launch

Our relationship has only just begun. As you promote your new website and start getting new business, we’ll be by your side to support your website, marketing and graphic needs.

All clients begin on the Basic or Professional Care Plan for ongoing support. We’ll check in on you once a month to make sure everything is running smoothly and make suggestions for improvements.

Are you ready to see how easy and fun it is to work with us?

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