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Founded in 2008 by Nicole Hanusek, Smack Happy Design is a custom website solutions company focusing on blending creativity and usability to give our clients and their customers a memorable online experience, generating more business, and creating raving fans. Onto a little bit of history…

In 1998, Nicole began her career with a web consulting company back in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. During this time, she learned everything about designing websites, coding HTML and also a bit about PHP, managing projects, and creating proposals. Her learnings covered mostly everything one needs to know in order to run a successful web services-based company. She was able to use this knowledge, combine it with her love of helping people, add lots of creativity, finally giving rise to Smack Happy Design. The fruition of this new and exciting business adventure meant that Nicole could provide creative solutions to make happy, loyal clients.

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Over the years, the number of happy clients continued to grow. Ongoing clients kept coming back with more needs. New clients were popping up from ongoing clients recommending her to others. Nicole needed to find teammates to help stay on top of it all. In 2014, Nicole began attending networking events with like-minded small business owners. She found a BNI chapter which lead to a multitude of growth experiences, including hiring a business coach. When networking events became more sparse, she used her free time to read many books—constantly trying to improve the business to make sure she would be able to treat her future team well.

By 2015 and 2016, Nicole was building her dream team, expanding her services and gaining amazing clients. The team shares Nicole’s core values, vision and mission. All of the unique, creative individuals at Smack Happy care about you, your business, and your customers. Everyone agrees that helping people is our top priority.


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Smack Happy, The Name

While working at her last full-time job and preparing for her switch to freelancing, Nicole was trying to come up with a business name. As you may know, coming up with a good name is very difficult. The domain needs to be available, and it needs to be memorable and easy to spell. One day, she was at work and her co-worker did something to aggravate her and she thought to herself, “I’m going to get smack happy on him!” Bam, there it was, what a great name! Luckily, it was available, so she snatched it up… and here we are.


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Our Vision

Making beautiful, user-friendly websites and marketing strategies that generate more business so our clients can do more of what they love

Our Mission

Smack Happy Design is in the business of making websites and marketing strategies people love to use that are beautiful and user-friendly with clean code. We’re quick to respond to people and go the extra mile with all of our clients and each other. We stand out from the rest because we truly care about people and it shows in everything we do, from communication and interaction to the work we produce on a daily basis.

Our Values

We have a simple, single purpose—to make people genuinely happy.

Happiness and serving clients well are at the very core of our ambition to build a web design and marketing business for its consistent, high-quality customer care.

We want to be trusted, respected, and valued by our clients and communities. In order to do that, we have put forth a set of values at the heart of how we do business. Our core values and culture capture what we do when we are at our best:

Commitment, Ownership, Integrity, Excellence, Communication, Success, Education, Team Work, Balance, Fun, Systems, Consistency, Gratitude, and Abundance.


Our Culture


Best Web Designers in San Francisco
2019 San Francisco Graphic Design Award
Best Web Designers in San Francisco, CA
2017 IMA Outstanding Achievement Winner

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