How much does a web site cost?

Every project is different. We tailor each website to our client’s needs. That means that cost varies a lot:  nothing we do is cookie-cutter. However, we can tell you that someone who needs a simple brochure website will pay less than someone who needs a site chock-full of features like e-commerce, an events calendar, or a portfolio. It really depends on what you need and what you’re trying to accomplish.

What is your process like?

We begin by discussing your needs, then we present you with designs and go through a few iterations. We follow that by coding the custom site, finishing up with testing on devices and browsers. For more details, please visit the Process page. You should also check out your Client Bill of Rights.

What do I get when I hire you?

You’re hiring a professional and pleasant person, with whom people simply love to work. You’re getting a business partner, one who truly cares about you and your customers.

We will lay the process out in front of you clearly. We’ll move along at your pace.

Depending on your graphics needs, you could get a logo, a website, print collaterals, and social media items. Basically, everything you need for establishing your full brand identity. We’re a one-stop-shop, in a way.

In addition to the above, you’ll get clear communication …and you’ll likely witness a quirky sense of humor in all of its cheesy glory.

And here are your Client Bill of Rights.

Do you offer ongoing services?

No one gets left behind! When our first projects finishes, we can move to an hourly contract or monthly Care Plan. In either case, you would ask for things as you need them. All work is billed in 15-minute increments. You would receive an automatic invoice on the first of the month. Plus, you can always ask questions, which are answered at no charge. We usually provide answers with screen shots labeled with instructions, arrows, and highlighting.

What if I have an emergency?

We handle urgent matters as quickly as we can. Depending on how urgent your request is, you have options. You can send an email with the word “urgent” in the subject line. That gets our attention pretty fast. If email is not fast enough, then try texting. And if that still isn’t fast enough, then you should call.

If we host your website with WP Engine and you can’t get a hold of us, you can contact WP Engine directly.

Please review our Rush Packages.

Do you host web sites?

Yes, we specialize in WordPress sites, and we use WP Engine to host them. They provide excellent security, daily backups, critical updates, malware scanning, and more. In case of emergencies, you can contact them directly if you can’t reach us and they’ll provide fantastic support. Full details here.

Do you design business cards?

Yes! We can provide all of your print collateral, including business cards, flyers, brochures, ads, banners, and more. Here are some examples.

Do you provide SEO services?

Yes. All of our websites are set up with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. We can provide you with guidance as you create your content, and give you tips on how to track your rankings. We also offer a monthly SEO package to get you set up properly across the board and headed in the right direction long-term.

What browsers and devices do you test?

We test in all the latest major browsers, plus one version behind, unless you have specific audience requirements. This includes smart phones and tablets.