Our clients love us, it’s a fact.

Dave describes how Smack Happy Design operates with the caring qualities of an individual while getting a lot done on a larger scale.

Dave Grove
Mobiplex and Virtual.fit

“Super, super, super. Amazing—absolutely incredible,” is just one way Kirk described his experience in working with Smack Happy. “…You get the product that you’re looking for.”

Kirk Dahle
Kirk Dahle Real Estate Team

In this testimonial from Lisa McNelly, she explains how Smack Happy isn’t just about pushing solutions but is really good at understanding the project and helping the clients.

Lisa McNelly
Independent Marketing Consultant

Ted describes how easy it was to work with Smack Happy, a San Francisco based website design and marketing company.

Ted Chen

Brady, Owner of BH Tech Connection explains how Smack Happy updated his website to the “modern-day version of what his website was” and how the company brings a unique artistry into creating websites.

Brady Helkenn
BH Tech Connection

In this customer testimonial, Chanda Brewer, the Marketing & HR Director of Capture Technologies explains her positive web development experience working with Smack Happy Design.

Chanda Brewer
Capture Technologies

Where do I even start! Nicole has been an angel sent down from heaven! I opened my own business three years ago and I had a hire someone to set up a website for me. Over a month later, the guy had my business name and my name on a website and that was it. I was so upset and didn’t know where to start to make my own website. And that’s when I found Nicole. She took over, asked me a few questions about my business and color scheme and within a few days she had 3 or 4 samples for me to pick out of. And if I could. I would of picked them all! They were all so pretty. I constantly still get told that my website is nice.

On top of great product. Nicole is also very patient. I’m not the most computer savvy 27 year old in the Bay Area. I’ve had to ask her questions about my website and she’s been very helpful on making it easy for me to understand and for me to sign into my website and keep updating information.

Nicole, thank you soo much for making my website beautiful!!!

Annie Tannous
Annie's Studio Salon

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Abendingo R
Alec H
Alexis K.
Alison S.
Ana A.
Ashley F.
Brook Lenox
Cassidy Moore
Cassidy Moore
Chris L.
Crystal S.
Dana E.
Daniel Riaz
Dena P.
Denise DeShetler
Elisa C
Emily C.
Erika M.
Erin Becker
Gavin F
Gwen M.
Ilana T.
Kelly L.
Keri Tully
Kevin Ferguson
Kyra G.
Laura Labine
Laura Messerschmitt
Lawrence Arevalo
Lisa Boyd
Maria Colacurcio
Matthew Heinrichs
Micaella M.
Michael P.
Michael S.
Miho G.
Norma Fogelberg
Paul Stella
Peter D
PJ O'Connell
Rosie Alonso
Ruthann H
Samy B.
Sarah C.
Sean A.
Stephanie Buhalis
Steven A.
Sunshine M.
Tony Stucker
Fred Jin
Caio C
Bryan N
Soniyah S
Steve T
Fred Glick
Shekhina von Recklinghausen
Jordan Schachter
Christina Sutton
Kirk Dahle
David Schellinger
Dan Reider
Lisa Poulson
Imran Alavi
Laney M. Silverman
Oliver Herning
Melissa Lin
Noam Lando
Jackie C
Doug Lawrence, M.S.
Ruth Nasrullah
Chance Cross
Steve I
Brendon Smith
Katie L
Sue Bartalo
Aditya Dayal
Jennifer Katz
Anu Sanghvi
Rachel Plasse
Beth Rogozinski
Mike Serrano
Erik Katz
Ken Chen
Ray Tsai
Priyanka Sharma
Ruben van Engelenburg
Matthew Smith
Robert Kudler
Paul Prisco

Smack Happy Clients

  • Aaron Sanders
  • Achievement Advisors LLC
  • Addison Penzak JCC Los Gatos
  • Adventurous Sports
  • Alberto Yáñez
  • Alexa Internet
  • Alexander Tutoring
  • Alexis Keenan Video
  • Alicia Aguirre
  • Alzheimer’s Australia
  • Angel-Rose Coen
  • Annie’s Studio Salon
  • Aquafina
  • Aqua Well Drilling, Bemidji
  • Avantia
  • Avenova
  • Bassnite.com
  • Berkeley Sourcing Group
  • Best Burger in SF
  • BH Tech
  • Birthday Alarm LLC
  • CAIR Texas
  • Capri Cleaning
  • Capture Technologies
  • Ce4Less
  • Classroom2Classroom
  • Clean Bottle
  • Cleveland Opera
  • Coast SF
  • Comic Goose
  • Composite Software
  • Confident Women Speak
  • Craig Kennedy
  • Create A Guild
  • CU Homeland
  • Cupcake Cachet
  • DBL Partners
  • D C ELectric of Raleigh
  • Denise DeShetler
  • Defenders of the Triforce
  • DJs to Go
  • Dr Ricki Pollycove
  • E-LOAN
  • EM Marketing
  • Emerge
  • Fat Goose, Inc.
  • FamilyTies.com
  • Finding Bliss
  • Fleetweek SF
  • Foundry College
  • Fred Glick
  • Freedom Debt Relief
  • Funler
  • Go Green
  • GoDaddy
  • Golden Gate YPO
  • Golden Gate Polymer Forum
  • Hardware Con 3
  • Healthloop
  • Hear Me Rev
  • Help With Adoption
  • Home-Account, Inc.
  • Hurricane Labs, LLC
  • I Like This Place
  • Illuminate Education
  • Institute4Change
  • IntelliVen
  • iO life science
  • iRate Politics
  • Japan Society of Northern California
  • Jennifer Winfrey Photography
  • Jordan’s Kitchen
  • Joveo
  • Kaos Band
  • Katz Speech
  • Karelia
  • Kirk Dahle Real Estate Team
  • LaBine and Associates
  • Las Lomitas League
  • Layaco Promotional Media
  • Lazar Legal
  • Lazy Bear Chef Series
  • Lighthouse Public Affairs
  • Lil’ Dumpling
  • Live Local Card
  • Love Animated
  • Luchini Team, Realtors
  • M&I Corporate Marketing
  • ManyBrain Inc.
  • Mathew Kent
  • Math Leadership Corps
  • Mazzolini Artcraft
  • Merian Ventures
  • Michael Schubert
  • Mission Stands
  • The Mortgage Professor
  • Nassau Nursery School
  • National Auto Parts
  • NestEgger
  • New Vintage Mortgage SF
  • Nuance Wines
  • Outright
  • Pamela Joy
  • Parkside Lending
  • Pear Therapeutics
  • PhotoSugar
  • Pick it Up SF
  • Pilgrims Press
  • Pinger
  • PLACE IT San Francisco
  • Play It Safe Consulting
  • Pop-A-Shot
  • Pure Barre
  • PUSH Athletics
  • Quadra Escape Corporation
  • QuantStock
  • R.D.M. Tax Service
  • Raymond Difley
  • Reax Engineering
  • Run Right Business Consulting
  • Salt & Honey Catering
  • SF Chamber of Commerce
  • SCRAP Entertainment
  • Scream Happiness
  • SF Fleet Week
  • SF Neighborhood Parks Council
  • Shop & Dine in the 49
  • Sierra Electric
  • Sideline
  • Skudo
  • Snap Butler
  • Solxsys
  • Stanaland & Associates
  • Stick Pony Rodeo
  • Story Truck
  • Susan Feder Mediation
  • SWAle
  • Syndio
  • Tandem Partnerships
  • TeeRabbit
  • Tekgems
  • The Barton Method
  • The Body Gallery
  • The Cooper Companies
  • The Skin Clinic
  • Thrive Acupuncture and Wellness
  • ThrowMotion
  • Tite Headphones
  • Tom McEnery
  • Tribal Financial Advisors
  • Trium Group
  • Tru-Signal
  • UC Hastings Building Donation
  • USDA Forest Service
  • Verducci Event Productions
  • Village Dog Walking
  • Vital 7™ Video Series
  • Viva Strategy
  • WDM, Inc.
  • Webbing
  • Wecision
  • Wellcore
  • Where to Baby
  • YPO SF Golden Gate Chapter
  • Zidan Painting
  • Zinch
  • Zoranovich Chiropractic

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