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Sally C.

Sally C. / Carlson Beck

My team and I are super happy with the new website! The feedback from candidates, community, and clients has been very positive on design, layout, flow, and colors. People really like the aesthetic!

Lauren H.

Lauren H. / Lauren Hauptman Ink

My website was so 2012. I needed a facelift, but I didn’t want to start from scratch and undertake a major redux. I was delighted when Nicole told me about the Pressto! Website Solution, which was exactly, exactly, exactly what I needed — no more, no less. It was pain-free and affordable, and thanks to Danielle and Natalie, it happened quickly and easily. I was so pleased with everything that I moved all my online assets over to be managed by the fine folks at Smack Happy.
Lee B.

Lee B. / LB Communications

I hired Smack Happy to completely redesign my website. My old site was ugly, hard to navigate, took forever to get fixes put in, and I felt that if I wanted to take the next step in my business, I would have to upgrade my website. I had known Nicole for a couple of years and felt she could provide the fresh and modern look I needed. Was I completely right! Nicole and her team kept me on task, provided valuable insight and feedback; and when I decided something was amiss, they fixed it the same day. My new site (leebarnathan.com) is cleaner, sleeker, easier to navigate, looks nothing like my old site, and I have received numerous compliments. I always tell those people who designed it, and I would heartily recommend Smack Happy for all website designs and redesigns.

Bill O.

Bill O. / Silicon Valley Systems

We liked your portfolio, and other BAIT members had nice things to say about you. I can say that we valued having a company do the work, as opposed to a single designer working alone. We never really considered anyone else.

Savannah F.

Savannah F. / Vintage Pools Service & More

To say that we were delighted Smack Happy wouldn’t be accurate enough. The team is what made us so happy with the company. Nicole, Danielle, Viktor, and everyone else behind the scenes have been nothing but pleasant, professional, and kind. They gave us useful advice where we needed it and completed everything we asked of them. They built an entirely new website for us at Vintage Pool Service, and we are going to continue with them for hosting and maintenance. The website is beautiful, interactive, and went beyond what we anticipated. Not only are their prices incredibly reasonable, but they are also responsive, quick, and always polite. Thank you Smack Happy!

Bob G.

Bob G. / California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership

We love Smack Happy. They have been a joy to work with, are as professional as can be, and are extremely knowledgeable about their trade.

We’re gratified that we found Nicole and Natalie. Nicole took the time to get to know us and our project. She presented several options that we hadn’t even thought of, for example coming up with a way to automatically send a beautiful electronic certificate of thanks to each elected official who signs a “no-tobacco-money” pledge with us. Natalie, too, has been a tremendous help. She’s a joy to work with and has been incredibly patient in helping us get the site up and running. She’s so knowledgeable and is an exceptional communicator. We would highly recommend Smack Happy to anyone looking to set up a new site or redesign an existing one.

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