As a Smack Happy client you will receive:

  • Clear guidance as we go through each step of the process.
  • Screen shots and directions clearly explaining answers to your questions.
  • A response to your email, text or phone calls within 48 hours excluding weekends, holidays and vacations.

The Support Hierarchy

1. Email

Nicole, Becka, or Danielle will be your main point of contact. We recommend sending an email directly to them with the details of the issue, update or new feature at hand. Someone will then be assigned to make the update and you will be informed with status updates along the way. If the project is larger and more involved than a phone meeting will be scheduled.

Nicole checks email twice a day around 11:30am and 4:30pm PST, Becka checks emails during the morning hours PST, and Danielle checks emails early morning hours PST and end of business day hours PST.


2. Texting

If you have an issue of greater importance, you should send your email (above) then text Nicole about the urgency at 415-684-8617. This will ensure that the matter gets addressed before any other emails in the queue.
Please note that rush packages may apply.


3. Phone Call

In the case of absolute urgency, call Nicole at 415-684-8617. If you can’t reach Nicole you should email or contact WP Engine support at if we host your site. If you have your own hosting, your provider may be able to help as well depending on the issue.
Please note that rush packages will apply.

If you’d like to schedule a phone call, please do so below: