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Smack Happy Design is here to make your job easier. We combine design, usability and marketing experience to provide your complete online solution from website, to social media, to search engine optimization and content creation. We’re responsive and supportive, ready to help you generate more business and create raving fans.

custom web design

Custom Web Design

We create custom websites that convert—tailored to your specific needs. Every site is responsive, quick, optimized for search engines (SEO), tracked with Google Analytics, and integrated with social media.

graphic design

Graphic Design

Your website also needs the promotional go-to-market materials to shine at its brightest. Let us help craft your logo, business card, brochure or flyer, your online display ads, and social media graphics.

user intervace design

SEO & Content

We take a caring, strategic approach to your marketing. Content development paired with SEO can be challenging. Our process involves a proactive approach, so your website launches on time and stress free.

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Our clients love working with us because in addition to creating beautiful designs, we’re communicative, easy-going and we just “get it.” We care about our clients–and it shows in everything we do.

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Why SEO Marketing Is Not Plug & Play Then Walk Away

Why SEO Marketing Is Not Plug & Play Then Walk Away

As search engine algorithms are not constant, SEO (search engine optimization) marketing strategy has to keep up. SEO is not a shiny tech tool that people can plug and play then walk away. An SEO marketing strategy must be devised, and that strategy has to include a good maintenance schedule. SEO Marketing MUST Be Maintained … Continue reading Why SEO Marketing Is Not Plug & Play Then Walk Away


productivity hacks

In This Episode… Welcome to episode #15!  Our guest is Emily Anderson, who is a personal organizer helping people in their homes and offices leading to better productivity and clearer thinking. In this episode, we’ll dig into Emily’s top self-hacks for personal productivity as well as business. Topic Discussion: Self-hacks, personal and business “Organization porn” Which hacks are most useful Process for testing hacks to see if they work Download… Watch / Listen Now