Centricity Solutions

The Brief

Centricity Solutions, Inc. is an outsourced human resources services provider offering cost-effective solutions, putting the “human” back into HR. Centricity Solutions has operated two websites for some years. With advancing technology and the desire to grow, Centricity Solutions needed to combine both websites into one, re-designed website in order to align with the goals of the business and the target audiences.

Centricity Solutions needed a new website that functions as a powerful marketing and communication tools to attract new clients, position itself as a thought leader in the industry and provide credibility to potential joint venture partners.

Our Approach

Since we needed to combine two websites into one, we spent extra time in the discovery and planning portion of the project. We created a sitemap that accommodated all of the information from both websites, and reorganized pages to prioritize what makes Centricity unique.

For the design of the site, Centricity already had a well established brand, so we had a great foundation to build upon. We created a mood board to help define the type of imagery that would be included in the website, as well as the overall tone that would shape the various design elements used on the website.

The Result

The final website feels friendly and welcoming due to the use of casual imagery with smiling people, and fun design elements. The architecture of information on the website feels approachable and easy to find.

Human resources information usually feels stuffy and boring, and we managed to create a website that is inviting and playful so more people are excited to learn about Centricity Solutions.



Our Role

Custom Theme, Graphic Design, HTML and CSS, Web Design, WordPress


October 18, 2023

From the Client

I had been putting off a long-overdue refresh of our website when I happened upon Nicole Hanusek in a ProVisors meeting.

I explored a few other options and found your proposal (including work product & pricing) to be compelling.

I’m thankful the timing worked out so well!

Daniel L.