Foundry College

The Brief

Foundry College is a new type of online two-year college that teaches working adults skills and knowledge that are in demand by employers and unlikely to be automated in the foreseeable future.

The team at Foundry College required a talented and well-established development and design team to help them accomplish their vision. A representative from Foundry College found us through a networking event and the rest is history. The Smack Happy team loves a good challenge and were prepared to tackle an accelerated timeline of two months until launch.

Our Approach

Our point-person within Foundry College helped get everything rolling by providing the brand guidelines (colors, logos, fonts) as well as the team’s vision for the new site. The design process flows smoother when you have branding in place. It was important for them to have clear and concise branding as well as having effective content that would generate interest in the new program.

Foundry College was going to be built from the ground up so we had free reign to be creative with our plan for the new site. While working through the framework of the site, user experience was always at the forefront of our conversations as we wanted to make sure that the prospective students were able to easily navigate the information presented on the site as well as the forms being used.

The Result

This project was really all about teamwork and communication. Two teams worked together as one to create something from nothing. The communication was fluid at all times and we were able to get an enormous amount of work done in a short time as a result. The result of all the hard work between Foundry College and the wonderful Smack Happy team is a vibrant, modern and eye-catching website. The application process is straightforward and easy to fill out, the content is clear and concise and the responsive design helps the user navigate through the site with ease. Overall, it was a challenging, but rewarding process. It was a great experience having everyone work so well together, and so quickly for an amazing project.



Our Role

Graphic Design, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Prototype, Responsive Design, Sign Up / Enrollment, Web Design, WordPress


November 19, 2018

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