Graceffa Law

The Brief

Graceffa Law made a break from her previous law partner and needed a new brand and website to announce her new business. Now as the sole owner of her practice, she was excited to put her distinct look and feel out into the world. She needed a logo and branding that first and foremost looked professional, but would give her the flexibility to bring personality in to her brand through her website and various future collateral.

Our Approach

We began by defining the brand and look and feel for Graceffa Law. Through interviews and sharing of favorite personal affects, we were able to create a visual set of colors and textures that could be used over and over to represent Graceffa Law.

The logo design was the second project we tackled, creating a unique icon that felt modern, professional, and visually interesting.

Once the branding and logo were established, we designed and built a Pressto site for Graceffa Law. The design used in the website brought together all of the elements from our process: the interviews, the textures and imagery, and of course the new logo.

The Result

The final website is not what you would expect to see when visiting a lawyer’s website, but even though its unexpected it remains professional and polished.

The section for the Dispute Resolution Center has a slight variation in branding to help visually signify that those pages are part of a subset of pages on the website.

Quirky images (like the yoga joes!), and vintage photography are placed throughout the website as a pop of peculiar surprise. The subject of disagreement, fighting, and pain are the undertones for all images on the site which do a wonderful job of subconsciously reinforcing the subject of the website for the visitor.


B2C, Legal

Our Role

Graphic Design, Web Design


October 18, 2023

From the Client

Smack Happy did a great job. We are really very happy with our website. It has exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much.

Deb G.