Institute4Change (i4c)

The Brief

Our client, Institute4Change (i4c), trains and advises people on improving their leadership and organizational skills with a focus on social justice, protesting, and change. With no previous web presence, they desired a small website that [primarily] focused on promoting their new book “WINNING!”.

We faced a few initial challenges. The main challenge was the design for several independent yet connected areas of the site. The second challenge was the fact that the book was not yet published, which added a layer of complexity. The third and final challenge was that the site would need a user-friendly and an easy to update solution so that any non-tech savvy users could add content and events to the site as the organization grew.

In addition to their plans for the website, they wanted a striking infographic that represented the social injustice of wealth inequality. Future plans for the website include adding content and resources regarding the other areas of the work they do.

Our Approach

The main focus of the i4c website was to promote their upcoming book. However, the book was not yet published, so we went with a promotional approach. We used excerpts from the book to showcase the content and promote that it was ‘coming soon’. Then, we added a call to action sign-up form so that those interested in the book would be notified when it became available for sale. Finally, for the wealth inequality focus of the site, we created a graphic to visually represent the idea they wanted to convey.

The entire site was created as a visually appealing, mobile-friendly and responsive site that the client could easily update and add to on their own.

The Result

Overall, our team created a visually rich site that displays the ideology and passion of the work i4c does. The site also showcases the upcoming book as well as provides calls to actions for book sign ups, trainings, and taking action on social justice.


Non-Profit, Political

Our Role

Responsive Design, Sign Up / Enrollment, Web Design, Wireframes, WordPress


September 6, 2017

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