Mac Solar Index

The Brief

MAC Indexing LLC is a company that runs a Solar Stock Index, MAC Solar Index. The business has operated a website for some years. The custom code used to build the website had fallen into disrepair and needed to be updated in order to secure the website against malicious threats. 

Our Approach

Our approach to this project was two fold, the first priority was securing the current live site and apply some technical bandaids to get it back up and running. The second priority was rebuilding the site from the ground up with modern, secure, reliable code.

The Result

The new website functions smoothly for the business owners and website visitors alike. With improvements in accessibility and responsiveness the website is now available to more visitors than ever. And with a robust code base, the business is able to easily keep information current and acurate.



Our Role

Custom Theme, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, User Interface, Web Design


September 28, 2022

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