The Bloomking Agency

The Brief

The BloomKing Agency eliminates friction and fiction by creating interactive content experiences.  Instead of a static PDF gated by a landing page, we create fun, engaging interactive content such as surveys, assessments, calculators or interactive PDFs, where the gate is embedded at different parts of the reading journey. 

The Bloomking Agency draws more funnel-ready prospects to enterprise brands with seamless information collection through fun and engaging interactive content. 

Their unique solutions help businesses remove the friction of the lead capture process by combining the user’s ability to engage quality content while also entering their information as part of the same holistic user experience.

They needed a website that was not only fun, unique, and easy to use – but also one that created the holistic, fun, and engaging experience they also provide to their clients through their services. With their website living on the Wix platform they were often met with limitations of creating a truly custom experience, so we planned to give it the love an attention it deserved by moving everything to WordPress.

Our Approach

We were able to get really creative and have fun with this particular client. Brian, Abigail, and Andrae were so much fun to work with throughout. Super hardworking and creative people.

We began by getting to know them and their customers, and who we’d truly be creating the experience for by developing buyer profiles. During this time, we also worked on a multi-pronged approach through creative planning for new photography, logo improvements, and an interactive whitepaper demo.

We considered the following needs in the remaining structural (Sitemap / Prototype) and creative development of the website design:

  • Needs a visually appealing website that contains all the information about the company
  • Want to integrate a site chat solution
  • A ‘resource’ library containing white papers, blog posts, videos, case studies, and other materials that we can easily add content to 
  • Looking to mix it up with tone when it comes to content
  • Easy to navigate so visitor knows why they are at the site and what action to take
  • Visually compelling and clear to navigate
  • Needs to move from Wix to WordPress

The Result

We can’t stop looking at this:

Maybe we’re biased, but it’s just gorgeous. It’s hard to look away!

The new website offers a fun, interactive experience for potential customers interested in gaining leads without feeling like they’re signing up for the typical lead generation service you’d get anywhere else. The website invokes a positive experience by providing mini animations and just the right amount of information to get them to the info they need, exactly when they need it.

We feel that we landed on the perfect blend of creative through bright colors, classy animations, and unique content.


B2B, Marketing & Communications

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Logo Design, Photography, Prototype, Responsive Design, Sign Up / Enrollment, Web Design, WordPress


January 26, 2020

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