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The Brief

Our client, Denise DeShetler, came to us with a need to create some marketing collateral for an upcoming launch of her new educational course, The Healthcare Ultra-preneur Project.

The project is a 6-lesson course designed to help practitioners create gains in revenue via multiple approaches—whether an Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor, or Yoga instructor. The course will provide what is needed to foster the skills necessary to simultaneously be great at your job as a healthcare practitioner and run a successful business. Read more about the course on the school’s website.

Our Approach

First, we developed a bit of copy to place on Denise’s homepage to connect the course with her website. Then, we created a flyer and matching social media graphics so that Denise could fill in custom coupon codes depending on her audience.

The Result

Denise now has a beautiful flyer (and social graphics) to share her new course with the world.

Role / Graphic Design
Industry / Health & Wellness / Small Business