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    IntelliVen Care Plan

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    IntelliVen helps $5M to $500M organizations get clear, aligned, and on track to reach their potential to perform better and grow faster. They have an impeccable record with leaders and teams helping their clients achieve maximal results in minimal time. IntelliVen has been a Smack Happy client since 2018.

    The Goal

    After IntelliVen brought Smack Happy Design on to improve their website design and development, they kept finding small things they needed support on.

    They realized they lacked personnel to provide technical support and maintenance. We offered the care plan to provide “website security, optimized performance and load time, plugin updates and maintenance” but it didn’t click until we suggested “custom updates.”

    Peter DiGiammarino, CEO of IntelliVen, was coming up with ideas all the time, but wasn’t able to implement them. He didn’t have the skills to spend on the IntelliVen website nor the time to manage various freelancers, so he was regularly reaching out to Smack Happy to ask us to squeeze in a project here and there.

    It wasn’t before long that he recognized he could get what he wanted done much faster with a WordPress Care Plan.

    The Solution

    We asked what encouraged Peter DiGiammarino, CEO of IntelliVen, to take the plunge with a care plan and he answered, “the care plan is less expensive, and gives me better service.”

    It’s true! The WordPress Support includes preventative updates, ongoing uptime monitoring, and regular performance optimization. This meant we could take care of common website issues before they could become a problem saving IntelliVen money (and headaches!) every month.

    Peter and his team began devoting that saved time to more strategic tasks through custom updates included in his care plan. “When I have a good idea I want to implement it right away, and custom updates lets us do that. I get instant, competent, thorough attention when I need it,” said Peter of the Care Plan.

    One of the custom updates Peter is referring to is an automated process we developed for the creation and scheduling of IntelliVen’s events. Peter and his team used to spend a lot of time manually managing multiple events; it was tedious and time-consuming.

    Peter asked us for another system to manage those events to make it easier. We didn’t want to reduce the annoyance of the problem; we wanted to eliminate it. So we suggested building an automated solution that eliminated the busywork entirely! Now, Peter and his team can focus their time and attention on more important work.

    “With Smack Happy, I can say, ‘here’s an idea,’ and they take it and run with it. They come back and say, ‘I have a way to make this more useful to you’ and it gets done right away.”

    Many of the custom updates we do for IntelliVen happen in the background: migrated IntelliVen’s website to a new host in order to improve the performance and security of the website; created authority-building, SEO content that speaks to IntelliVen’s audience; updated YouTube videos, custom emails, and LinkedIn groups.

    For Peter, the important thing is that his “ideas are implemented quickly. That makes me feel like a big deal.”

    The Result

    We asked Peter to share what kind of results he’s seen since purchasing the WordPress Care Plan in mid-2018. He told us it all comes down to integrated support.

    He likes that he doesn’t need to go to multiple service providers to accomplish a goal. With the Wordpress Care Plan, IntelliVen can send custom emails, share event announcements, be visible on social media, and so much more — all through Smack Happy.

    “Smack Happy knows what I want to do, and they add value through their skills and experience, which is 10x more valuable because they understand my business. They can help me get where I want.”

    We were thrilled that Peter was happy with our support, but because we are always striving to improve and delight our clients, we wanted to one-up ourselves. So we created a custom Smack Happy email for Peter, so he can shoot off his ideas and requests to a core team who can get it done that much faster.

    If you’re a current website client and considering a care plan, here’s what Peter has to say:

    “Smack Happy knows what they are doing; they get to know you and what you are trying to do, then support you doing it through the care plan, giving you good ideas, implementing as promised, and providing support at a reasonable cost. I don’t know why you wouldn’t sign up for a care plan.”

    Ready to take the plunge like Peter? Learn more about our WordPress Support Packages, including a variety of care plans and add-ons to meet the specific needs of your business.

    From The Client


    What I like best about working with the SHD Team is that they never do what I tell them to do. Instead, I get thoughtful questions to the heart of what I am after along with multiple paths to achieve the target result with what I need to think about in order to choose between them. The result has been a significant upscaling of my internet presence, improved response rates (the fastest in-bound call from someone who would otherwise never have thought to call came within seconds of a recent post).

    SHD really cares about what they do…and about me and what I do. It’s a partnership. I have never had anyone get into my head, and so effectively put into language audiences can understand, what it is I have to share.

    I recommend the entire SHD Team without reservation.