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A Good Referral

We’re looking for three types of clients:

Small or medium sized business

Looks like:
A company or solo entrepreneur just starting out or perhaps one that’s been around the block a few times but in need of a website refresh (what they have looks tired and doesn’t perform well because of out-dated tech). Or just doesn’t have time to work on their website, social media, newsletter or search engine optimization.
What to listen for:
Complaints about unresponsive web developers or a website that isn’t generating enough leads.

The tiny start-up

Looks like:
Start-ups often don’t have the budget for a full time visual designer, UI/UX person or front-end developer. We can help in all those areas while purse strings are tight. We become the fill-in employee until the start-up is ready to hire people full time.
What to listen for:
Start-up people work long hours and complain they have too much to do and not enough time to do it, leaving them zero time to improve their own web presence. We are the answer!

The marketing department at a large company

Looks like:
Coders at companies like GoDaddy and PayPal are too busy working on the product and seldom have time to work on their own marketing websites. Smack Happy can swoop in to save the day. We can update the marketing website, create landing pages and/or social graphics and compelling infographics.
What to listen for:
At larger companies high-level marketing people will complain about not getting their website updated often enough or how they are short on resources.


Caterers, Lawyers, Hair Stylists, Schools, Non-profits, Solo Entreprenuers, Health Professionals

How to Bring Us Into the Conversation

“My website partner/company has an opening to take on a new website project, would you be interested in applying for the spot?”

“How is your website performing for you? Are you getting leads or is it helping you close leads?”

“When is the last time you redesigned and organized your website? [if over 4 years] You might want to consider a revamp for the new year, most websites get bloated and unfocused over time. I have a great firm I can introduce you to.”

How to Introduce Us

If you find yourself talking to one of the people above, you can say something like:

“I know the perfect person who can help you, would you like me to give you an introduction?”
“I just met someone who can help you with this, I’d love to introduce you. Would that be OK?”

An email introduction is best, it can be short and sweet:

Hi [name],
I’d like you to meet Nicole, she has a web and graphic design company called Smack Happy Design. They offer graphic and marketing assistance for both online and offline needs. You can see their work and learn more here:

Hi Nicole, I’d like you to meet my friend, [name], he/she owns a small business and needs your help with…

Please connect!


The $100 will be given when the new client chooses to do business with Smack Happy Design and signs a Statement of Work, agreeing to a deposit. After the deposit has posted the $100 check will be issued.