Case Study


    Nassau Nursery School Website Redesign

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    Anu came to our marketing partner, EM Marketing, when her son’s nursery school needed a new website. As a board member, she was tasked with organizing, cleaning up and improving the overall look and feel of the website.

    The Goal

    Her main concerns were making sure the brand was strong, to build and improve on it; that parents could find the information they needed quickly; and that new parents in the neighborhood would easily find the nursery school and be attracted to it.


    The Solution

    We started off with some wireframes to make sure we organized the information in a way that made sense to everyone. Wireframes are basically boxes representing all of the information that will be shown on a page, without any design or color.


    Once we had our information laid out we began the design phase. With this project we presented three different designs to choose from. Each design was playful in its own way, showing the personality of the school while presenting the important information.


    Everyone on the board was delighted with the choices. We worked our way through three rounds of revision and landed on a well planned, beautiful design that all would be proud to show off.

    Web Round One
    Web Round Two
    Web Round Three

    When the home page design was finalized we moved on to the coding stage, which involved building a custom WordPress theme to fit their needs. Most of the people editing the site are parents, not necessarily technical people. So the editing tools and organization behind the scenes needed to be simple and easy to use.


    In this particular case Anu had organized all the content. So we built out the site with ease of use in mind and when it was complete we did a training session. We only spent a half an hour of our allotted one hour time slot and she was ready to run with the new site!

    The Result

    The site has been very easy to use and keep updated with new events and registration materials. For the first couple weeks after launching the new site we had a few emails back and forth, but everything was ironed out pretty quickly.

    Aside from getting a wonderful new website, Anu also gained peace of mind and she can email us any time she has a question or a problem and we’ll help her out.

    From The Client


    As a parent board volunteer, my reputation was on the line as my son’s nursery school entrusted me with the decision to hire the right designer to do a complete makeover to the website on a limited budget. I couldn’t be happier that I went with Nicole who not only delivered on time and on budget, but also made the entire experience delightful from beginning to end. I keep hearing rave reviews from everyone at school, from trustees to parents, about how the new website is the perfect front door for our school and does a great job reflecting our school’s brand and culture. I am so grateful to have found Nicole and cannot wait to work with her again.