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Bill Mathews

Bill Mathews / Hurricane Labs, LLC

Nicole is an excellent designer with a keen interest in the business behind the design. Her work reflect the best of the companies she works with.

Stephen McDonald

Stephen McDonald / E-Loan

It was always a pleasure to work with Nicole. She was the ideal mix of designer, artist, web developer and technical guru. She brought a lot to the table and helped make the creative department become a respected group at E-LOAN.

Paul Tyma

Paul Tyma / ManyBrain Inc.

I have contracted Nicole on several occasions and every time its been an excellent experience. She delivers on-time, shows fantastic creativity and overall does an incredible job. Nicole is who I come to first when I need any sort of creative work.

Walter Korman

Walter Korman / Fat Goose Inc.

Nicole brings all that we could ask for and more to her work — creative vision, aggressive schedules, and on-time delivery. And that special something makes her end product one that you’ll be excited to integrate and get in front of your users as quickly as possible.

Jason Novotny

Jason Novotny / Quantstock LLC

I have worked with Nicole as a colleague at a startup which led me to choose her for my own design needs when she became a freelancer. Nicole has been a real pleasure to work with- she has an excellent eye for good, clean design and a very solid understanding of usability issues. I have found her to be very professional and she takes a lot of pride in her work.

Greg Fisher

Greg Fisher / Berkeley Sourcing Group

Nicole has been a true pleasure to work with. After working with other web designers and spending thousands of dollars, I was not able to achieve a website I was happy with and could manage on my own. In short time she fixed us up with a top notch layout, some great features like chat, video, and SEO management, and set it up in a way that allows us to update and make changes easily without having any previous web experience. I look forward to the next time we need web services as I know exactly who I’ll be calling and feel confident that it will be done quickly and correctly.

I’ve worked with her on my main business for all of our web design work as well as other graphics and she’s helped me with some logos and branding for other side projects. I keep coming back and wouldn’t think of using anybody else at this point. She ‘gets’ it very quickly so we can move straight from ideation to design in a heartbeat. There are a million web designers out there, but Nicole is really a diamond in the rough.

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