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Our clients love us, it's a fact.

Sunshine M.

Sunshine M. / Run Right Business Consulting

What a fantastic experience. Thank you Smack Happy for your wonderful work. Our new website was worth every penny. It is exactly what we wanted. You kept us on track with subtle kicks in the butt to keep the project moving and with a beautiful finish.

Do you have an outdated website or not one at all? Maybe you don’t know where to start? Make an appointment to speak with Smack Happy Design. They will take you through the process and make it easy for you. With the constantly updated and new regulations on websites and business, you will want to know that your web design team is in the *know*. I can confidently say that Smack Happy is up to date and will make sure your new site is too.

Ted Chen

Ted Chen / LifeSaver

Ted describes how easy it was to work with Smack Happy, a San Francisco based website design and marketing company.

Dave Grove

Dave Grove / Mobiplex and Virtual.fit

Dave describes how Smack Happy Design operates with the caring qualities of an individual while getting a lot done on a larger scale.

Rosie Alonso

Rosie Alonso / Play It Safe Consulting

To be honest, I wanted to go with Smack Happy initially but I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to afford it and I was a bit intimidated. So I went another route and found a 1 person graphic designer who I thought could translate what I wanted into a logo and website. Boy, was I wrong! After several frustrating months and money spent I realized I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. Ultimately I needed to work with a company that I could trust would be able to take my ideas and know how to translate that into a website that was current and resonated with me.

I loved the initial inquiry where I was able to “tell my story” and define what I was looking for. The questions were great and provided a cathartic experience. I felt listened to and I hadn’t even met with you yet!  🙂

Once I did I greatly appreciated the willingness to work within my budget and provide an excellent product and great service. And it was all so easy. I was continually impressed with your online scheduling, billing, etc.

Lawrence Arevalo

Lawrence A. / Verducci Event Productions

Well, first of all, I found Smack Happy on Yelp. Which is important to me to see the other customer reviews. There are so many design firms out there that it’s hard to cut through the clutter. A Google search of “website design San Francisco” would yield too many results so I would need to rely on yelp or a personal reference, and even a personal reference would need to be vetted in some way.

Smack Happy stood out on Yelp because it seems like there was a lot of positive feedback, but most important to me you seemed to be one of the only graphic design firms that worked on their own brand and image. Most other companies have a horrible webpage, and they seem to have worked on theirs as much as they would for your best client. For me, that really said that they cared about what you do. The old adage of “The Cobbler’s Children have no shoes” seemed like a cop out for most of the other companies not to do well for themselves what they claim to do well for others.

The other thing that stood out once I was on your website was their actual work you had done for other clients. The designs were bold, playful, and had touches of uniqueness that personalized every site that I saw. I was happy that every site didn’t look like a recycled template that you had used and just plugged in info for every new client. Their work is really good and there were only a few companies at their level that do work as well as you. I actually got 2 other quotes after meeting with Nicole and both were similarly priced.

During the shopping phase, the communication with Nicole was easy, warm, and energetic. The meetings in her office were great and she is such a kind person who is really invested in the work that she does for each client and that’s apparent. She is also ultra busy (from briefly glancing at her calendar) so I was interested to see what working with her team would be like.

Becka, was great to work with and I loved that we had someone nudging us to get things done, but in a positive way (THANK YOU!) Danielle was great too, we were a bit concerned at first because it seemed like she didn’t get how we wanted the copy to go, but I expressed that to Nicole and by the next meeting things were on track and the copy we received from that point on was great. As far as the design team is concerned, we worked with Marianne for a while who was great, but then my business partner took over as the lead on the project as we had an internal staffing change that took me away from being as active on the website.

Working with the team overall, we were very happy, and I was happy to see that we also got a lot of that personalization at the end of the day on our website, however, I wish they would have pushed the small customized touches more and given us your artistic opinion more often. Sometimes, it felt like it was an inconvenience for us to push the customization agenda.

All in all, your polished image as a company and all the time that Nicole spends engaging really gives them guys an active, eager, and willing attitude and the work speaks for itself. Smack Happy Designs rocked for us and I would recommend you guys in a second.

To the whole team…Thank you for everything!!!


PJ O’Connell / Sierra Electric

What made me choose Smack Happy, in the end, was trust. I got it the moment I met Nicole and Danielle followed it up. After that—you guys are pro’s at what you do. We just needed patient prodding in the right direction.

I was referred to Smack Happy Design by a friend and it proved to be excellent.
They have a great team, Nicole and Danielle have outstanding ideas and have a quick turn around time. They completed our site in 2 weeks, helping us thru the process every step of the way, it looks great! Highly recommended.

Ashley F.

Ashley F. / The Skin Clinic

I started working with Nicole after a client of mine wanted to take her website to the next level. She worked within our budget and created a proposal based on our needs at the moment with an option to scale, offers knowledgeable advice on SEO, design, and technology, and is very responsive to all emails, questions, and concerns. I highly recommend her for any local San Francisco business!

Ruthann H

Ruthann H / Nuance Wines

Nicole and her team have handled all the design and technical elements of our website ever since we started our business in 2010. They’re proactive and always on top of any upgrades we need as the platforms evolve. We cannot ask for a more responsive team!

Lisa McNelly

Lisa McNelly / Independent Marketing Consultant

In this testimonial from Lisa McNelly, she explains how Smack Happy isn’t just about pushing solutions but is really good at understanding the project and helping the clients.

Brady Helkenn

Brady Helkenn / BH Tech Connection

Brady, Owner of BH Tech Connection explains how Smack Happy updated his website to the “modern-day version of what his website was” and how the company brings a unique artistry into creating websites.

Chanda Brewer

Chanda Brewer / Capture Technologies

In this customer testimonial, Chanda Brewer, the Marketing & HR Director of Capture Technologies explains her positive web development experience working with Smack Happy Design.

Caio C

Caio C / Aqua Well Drilling

Extremely happy with Smack Happy Design. It exceeded our expectations. We can already see results. Highly recommend Smack Happy Design!!

Fred Jin

Fred J / Funler

Nicole did a great job setting up our website. She’s a WordPress expert, did everything from configurations, customize themes, designing the layout, backend php code, frontend js code, css, html, etc. It was great to not have to bounce back-and-forth between multiple people, Nicole took care of it all. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs help setting up a turnkey website!


Caleb / La Cocina

Nicole is kind, conscientious and quick; when you add that to her talent, well, I don’t know why you would go anywhere else.

Bryan N

Bryan N / Coaching Company

Smack Happy is one of our firm’s most entrusted resources. Before we worked with Nicole and Danielle, on a semi regular basis, qualified leads wouldn’t make it to our Inbox, meaning the loss of $10,000s worth of business.

At first, we simply hired them to fix this simple problem. But we ended up having them redesign our entire site. They saved us $1000s compared to other firms, and fluidly worked with our existing look-and-feel.

They continue to be very professional, have tasteful design esthetic, and quick turnaround. We highly recommend them.


Keith / Emerge

Nicole was great! Fast, reliable, great design. Definite recommend.

Soniyah S

Soniyah S / Finding Bliss

Nicole, the founder of Smack Happy Design simply put in one word is brilliant! She is so knowledgeable about her work and her ability to understand my needs even though I am not the best at communicating and explaining the issues is great! I had some problems with my website and didn’t know what to do and it was urgent. I contacted Nicole and she was able to resolve the problem(s) within the next day. Her cost was reasonable and the service was impeccable. I also trust Nicole with my business needs, I trust her work, her values and her credibility in this industry. I believe websites and all the content in the back-end is so personal that its not something I want to expose to just anyone – especially with a business like mine which is mostly confidential. Thanks Nicole for your passion and your dedication to your clients! I feel taken care of.

Steve T

Steve Teatro / Fleet Week

San Francisco Fleet Week, as a large public event, has a need for a very dynamic web site and with the addition of US military content, we needed a provider who could react quickly and correctly the first time. Nicole and her team has never let us down!! The past few years, they have been a wonderful partner.

Fred Glick

Fred Glick / Fred Glick / US Loans

I hate to tell you how great she is because she will become too busy!  Professional, smart, aware of what’s happening.  Great to work with too!

Shekhina von Recklinghausen

Shekhina / Healer in Light

I LOVE my website that Nicole created for me! She has been very open to hearing my needs and ideas for what I was looking for. Nicole is creative and has many things to offer. Nicole is respectful and answered all my questions and concerns. She brought a whole new page to my site for testimonials that was her suggestion. She took extra steps to help me move into word press to clear my old site and bring me up to date. My website is so beautiful and creative. She has been a joy to work with and I recommend Nicole Hanusek for anyone wanting a professional and warm person to create your word press site with!

Jordan Schachter

Jordan S / Jordan's Kitchen

I was looking to rebuild my companies website a few years ago and a friend of mine recommended Nicole of Smack Happy Design. Im sure glad that she did! As a small business owner, I value word of mouth over anything else. Nicole is fabulous! She was extremely responsive from day one, fairly priced and works quickly. I myself am a bit of a techtard and she always met my questions with patience and a positive attitude. She gets sh*t done and that’s what you want!

Christina Sutton

Christina Sutton / Kirk Dahle Real Estate Team

I’d call Nicole a rock star, but she has the patience of saints and I’m not sure those two really go together. But if they do, Nicole’s got it all!!! She helped us with a very long, very tedious, very in-depth project. She was patient, task oriented, and negotiable with us for every step of the way. We’re incredibly happy with our final website and totally recommend Nicole’s abilities to anyone that asks. And sometimes to people that don’t ask! But I digress. Hire her.

Kirk Dahle

Kirk Dahle / Kirk Dahle/Vanguard

I met Nicole a few years ago and randomly learned she had helped friends with their business websites. Her talent for website design was immediately evident. Shortly thereafter we launched a working relationship and recreating my business website. What a brilliant decision! Nicole provides a great framework and is wonderful in setting client expectations for the entire process. My website wasn’t the easiest to tackle. Not only did it require a custom design, it also required the incorporation of a secondary website search engine. It was complex project and set up! Nicole made it all feel simple. She has great ideas, is a quick thinker, artistic and programmer all in one! Nicole is a gem! My site not only works correctly it also looks fantastic. Working with Nicole is easy, amazing and an absolute pleasure. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

David Schellinger

David Schellinger / lowercaseproductions

I have just started working with Nicole on a few websites for our clients, and I have to totally agree with the name. I am smack happy with everything she has done for us so far. I have worked with many different web designers and programmers, and they are either too slow, too much in the weeds of the programming language, or just don’t get design. But Nicole is all that and more. We are planning on using Nicole as our “go to gal” for all things web and WordPress from here on in.

Dan Reider

Dan Reider / lowercaseproductions

I love working with Nicole – she’s super quick, smart and has an intuitive design eye – which really saves time all around when you’re in crunch mode. She apparently doesn’t understand the term “flustered,” which means that our projects proceed in a calm, thoughtful manner. Highly recommended!

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