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Stephanie Buhalis

Stephanie B

As we reflect on the experience of working with the team at Smack Happy Design, a number of things come to mind. We were very happy with their attentiveness, how they listened to what they were saying and tried to implement it, and how their team was very knowledgeable in our design of the website and customer service. We are not always easy to deal with and really appreciate how they took care of us. Our biggest takeaways from this are the fact that we don’t feel the relationship is over, we want to continue our relationship and we LOVE THE WEBSITE.

Key Highlights 10/10 – Their customer service was “off the charts.”

Every meeting we had was super productive and we felt like they guided us throughout the whole process, with lots of explanations.

We LOVE the website!

What’s more, is that our industry is a bit challenging. So, having an amazing website that enables people to leave our website with the feeling that we are legitimate and inspiring gives us confidence that people truly want to actively participate with us. We now feel more professional about hiring new team members and having the ability to share what we’re all about with our audience.

One thing that has transformed for us from the beginning of this project was that we went from having the need for a website to now we need to begin promoting it. Our friends are truly impressed. It feels official that we’re finally in business again.

Abendingo R

Abendingo R

John Surratt represents Smack Happy Design in the Portland, Oregon area, and he is wonderful to work with. John truly cares about his clients and about their outcomes when it comes to all things web- and web design/development based. John is knowledgeable about what he does and also takes the extra time to get to know his clients. From what I’ve seen, pretty much everything Smack Happy touches is golden. They pride themselves on top-notch work, professionalism, and savvy. They go the extra mile to meet their clients’ needs. If you’re considering hiring a web designer or seeking a developer, or you just need to tweak your WordPress site, or update/maintain, then look no further than obtaining a quote from Smack Happy.

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Amy Bishop

I wanted to pass on my personal thanks to the Smack Happy team, specifically John, Ruben and Corina. It was great fun learning and working with everyone on getting our very first payment system and page up and running! The work they did
and services provided in ensuring all options were outlined and relevant solutions were carried out, ensured that this project was a success. Thank you all.


PeterD / IntelliVen

What I like best about working with the SHD Team is that they never do what I tell them to do. Instead, I get thoughtful questions to the heart of what I am after along with multiple paths to achieve the target result with what I need to think about in order to choose between them. The result has been a significant upscaling of my internet presence, improved response rates (the fastest in-bound call from someone who would otherwise never have thought to call came within seconds of a recent post).

SHD really cares about what they do…and about me and what I do. It’s a partnership. I have never had anyone get into my head, and so effectively put into language audiences can understand, what it is I have to share.

I recommend the entire SHD Team without reservation.

Maria Colacurcio

Maria Colacurcio / Syndio

Smack Happy is a scrappy agency that hustles. They have incredible account managers who are responsive problem solvers.

John was so responsive, kind and understanding. John also has a remarkable way of working with customers and ensuring we feel taken care of. He communicates clearly and well and is upfront when budgets are tight and/or going over. He busts his tail to be a problem solver and I appreciate that immensely. Also, I knew I would not be able to be involved with the details and I needed to know Heather would have someone to work with.

We had a goal of drafting and creating an entirely new corporate web site in 6 weeks from scratch. We hit our deadline and unveiled a site that is beautifully designed, has incredible integrations (Salesforce.com Pardot, etc) and is optimized for SEO.

Highly recommend. Would hire again.

Cassidy Moore

Cassidy Moore / The Vital 7™

Danielle is wonderful to work with because not only is she great at what she does, she also cares deeply about your success!

She has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND for me and I feel so grateful to have her on my team. She has helped me to break out of my comfort zone, go after my dreams and follow my heart. Thank You, Danielle!

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