The Brief

AlterG’s anti-gravity treadmill products help people move and heal in new ways without pain, recover mobility and enhance overall wellness and performance through leading-edge anti-gravity rehab and equipment technologies. Charles, CEO of AlterG, came to us to help take the brand beyond the wall of content – and bring more meaningful experiences to their audiences.  Essentially, he wanted people to realize the value before they even tried it.

Our Approach

For this project, we recommended a custom redesign. Our biggest challenge was to take the incredible amount of content and create something meaningful for three different groups of audiences:

    1. Patients, athletes, and users
    2. Clinic owners and managers
    3. Pro team trainers

The new website needed to assist the target audience do the following:

  • Understand the user experience and benefits.
  • Research the product, services, pricing, etc.
  • Get in touch to buy the product or find a place to use it.


The Result

Now that the website is complete, our hope is that people visiting the site can see themselves moving after they have used the AlterG. The main idea of everything is that this product helps people, and the simplified approach to the content and design effectively conveys that in a meaningful way.

In addition to creating a new design that brought subtle movement as well as their personality and values to the new website, we worked closely with the AlterG team on new photography, content placement, compliance, and integrating the site with HubSpot and Salesforce.


B2B, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle & Fitness, Technology, IT, Start-ups

Our Role

Custom Theme, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Web Design, WordPress


November 7, 2022

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