Aspen Global Innovators Group

The Brief

This portfolio showcases our collaboration with the Aspen Global Innovators Group (AGIG), a policy program of the Aspen Institute. AGIG aims to address systemic global public health challenges by identifying and supporting individuals, institutions, and networks implementing upstream solutions. As a trusted information broker focused on leadership and narrative change, AGIG sought our expertise to redesign their website. The project involved achieving specific goals, overcoming challenges, and delivering impactful results.

Our Approach

To meet AGIG’s objectives, we followed a strategic approach to building their website. First, we identified their goals, which included positioning AGIG as a network of networks, increasing website traffic, creating an interactive fellows repository, and effectively communicating their impact. We also identified the target audience, which comprised stakeholders committed to innovation and positive change. With this understanding, we designed a custom website using WordPress. We collaborated closely with AGIG, focusing on content development and creating a custom fellows repository and geographic map. Throughout the process, we addressed challenges related to confusion, communication, staffing, partnerships, social media integration, and data collection.

The Result

Our collaboration with AGIG yielded significant results. The redesigned website effectively positioned AGIG as a prominent network of networks, highlighting the diversity of its outputs and accomplishments. We are confident their website traffic will increase by 20% within the first year by updating the design, structure, and copy. The central, interactive repository provided a comprehensive platform for hosting opinion editorials, speaking engagements, and celebrating the network’s achievements. AGIG’s impact, mission, vision, and values were clearly communicated on the website, emphasizing the umbrella nature of the Aspen Global Innovators Group. The website resonates with the target audience, assisting them in browsing programs and fellowships, accessing meaningful resources, recognizing AGIG as experts in the field, and connecting with AGIG’s mission and values, with an emphasis on gender equality, racial equity, and decolonization.

Overall, the website’s redesign created a sense of belonging for visitors, fostering engagement and involvement. Our collaboration with AGIG surpassed their initial goals by enhancing messaging clarity and aesthetics and diversifying their reach across multiple countries. We are honored to have been part of such an impactful project that contributes to building a world centered on equity, justice, and values-based leadership in the health and development sectors.



Our Role

Custom Theme, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Web Design, Wireframes, WordPress


May 25, 2023

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