Denise DeShetler

The Brief

Our client, Denise DeShetler, wanted to create a simple, fun, and functional thank you gift for her clients. Her idea was to create a little bookmark with her branding and a memorable quote.

Our Approach

We loved it, and created a couple of ideas for Denise to choose from.

The Result

After we finalized the design, we ordered Denise’s bookmarks for her to be printed and sent to her to hand out to her clients. Smiles all-around! 🙂


Health & Wellness, Small Business

Our Role

Graphic Design


November 10, 2019

From the Client

I’m self-employed and had been wanting assistance with my website maintenance and marketing needs. Then I heard about Smack Happy Design from a trusted colleague. I saw what they did for her and was impressed. So I decided to work with them and I am oh so happy I did!

I think the big selling point was the option to have them on retainer. That felt very good and easy for me. Especially since I was able to choose between 3 levels of service that would work the best for my business and financial needs. This area of my business is definitely not my forte. I love that these trusted experts are always on top of my website and are quick with creative marketing. I feel as if they always have my back. And I feel as I’m just as important as all their other clients. Let me tell you that can mean the world for someone with a small business. Smack Happy Design is very professional, super efficient and quite talented! What more could a solo – entrepreneur ask for?

Do yourself a favor and hire them. I wish I had done it sooner.

I love working with Danielle. She handles my account at Smack Happy.

As a solo-entrepreneur, I have many demands for running my business. Although I like marketing, it definitely is not my specialty and I feel so much relief giving that portion of my work to Smack Happy. In fact, it really does feel like a gift having Danielle spruce up my content and come up with other brilliant ideas that highlight my expertise on my website. Danielle always has my back. She never leaves me hanging with a project or with communication.

As her client, I always feel like I’m a top priority with her workflow. Every task she has completed has come to me in an expected and timely fashion. This speaks volumes for a small business owner. I have hired other web designers and web builders in the past and that definitely was not the case. Danielle is professional, innovative, efficient and a problem solver. I can not recommend her highly enough. Thanks for all you do Danielle!

Denise D.