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The Brief

Doctor Sam came to us in need of a unique postcard and display banner design with a quick turnaround for an upcoming event. The postcards and banner needed to reflect Dr. Sam Z’s unique, chiropractic approach that helps people get back to doing the things they love and empowers them to trust their body to keep on doing them.

Our Approach

Before we dove in, we worked with Dr. Sam to get the perfect imagery and message for both the postcard and the banner. We even worked as the “middle woman” between the provider for the banner and also a local San Francisco printer.

The Result

Dr. Sam Z received his postcards and banner in plenty of time before the event. He walked away with a vibrant, beautiful design with messaging to match his business’ mission that helps others “change their stance on life”.

Role / Concept / Graphic Design / Managed Printing / Photoshop
Industry / Health & Wellness / Small Business