Fuels For Change

The Brief

Fuels For Change, Inc. is a startup waste energy company looking to focus on the worst waste problems by working with businesses, offering solutions, and creating win/win outcomes for environmental impact.

Fuels For Change, Inc. needed to create a website to align with the goals of the business and the target audience but as a start-up, didn’t have the resources to comission a custom website.

Our Approach

Smack Happy’s Biz Builder Website was the perfect fit! By utilizing the benefits of the Biz Builder Website, Fuels For Change, Inc was able to get a streamlined, affordable, accelerated version of the custom website process, including hours of professional guidance and expertise throughout each step.

Fuels For Change provided all of the content and offered opinions and guidance on images, fonts, and colors. The web experts at Smack Happy did the rest! The result is a website that will grow with the business.

This solution was perfect for getting an online presence set up properly with a website that functions well and helps Fuels For Change seal the deal with new prospects.

The Result

The beautiful, clean, and straight-to-the-point website we created is helping spread the word about Plastic Recycling options for businesses across the United States. It’s a tool that Fuels For Change uses for lead generation, capture, and follow up. With their website functioning as an effective digital marketing tool, Fuels For Change is ramping up their business.


B2B, Small Business

Our Role

Web Design, WordPress


June 15, 2022

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