Full Picture Media

The Brief

Our client Verducci Event Productions (VEP)  created a new brand, Full Picture Media, to house their Video Production side of the business. For this, they needed a new website that would match VEP’s overall aesthetic while showcasing its own brand and unique services.

The biggest challenge for this project was creating a new website while the VEP site was still live with the content that would need to be moved to Full Picture Media.

Our Approach

We approached this project with a clear plan that would allow us to split the VEP site in two, creating a new site for Full Picture Media and editing the VEP site.

The process we followed involved:

  • Recreating the header and footer to accommodate Full Picture Media’s new logo while maintaining VEP’s aesthetic.
  • Editing down colors and branding to match VEP’s newest marketing look.
  • Ensuring updated brand language throughout website.
  • Ensuring resources are connected with CRM.
  • Preparing the new domain and email alias.
  • Testing and launch.

The Result

The result is a vibrant and professional site that is clearly related to the VEP site, yet communicates Full Picture Media’s offerings very clearly.

Full Picture Media also signed up for a Care Plan with us, so we can continue supporting his website and business needs with the help of our amazing team.

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Arts & Entertainment, B2B, B2C, Events

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, Graphic Design, Illustration, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Sign Up / Enrollment, Web Design, WordPress


January 14, 2022

From the Client

Well, first of all, I found Smack Happy on Yelp. Which is important to me to see the other customer reviews. There are so many design firms out there that it’s hard to cut through the clutter. A Google search of “website design San Francisco” would yield too many results so I would need to rely on yelp or a personal reference, and even a personal reference would need to be vetted in some way.

Smack Happy stood out on Yelp because it seems like there was a lot of positive feedback, but most important to me you seemed to be one of the only graphic design firms that worked on their own brand and image. Most other companies have a horrible webpage, and they seem to have worked on theirs as much as they would for your best client. For me, that really said that they cared about what you do. The old adage of “The Cobbler’s Children have no shoes” seemed like a cop out for most of the other companies not to do well for themselves what they claim to do well for others.

The other thing that stood out once I was on your website was their actual work you had done for other clients. The designs were bold, playful, and had touches of uniqueness that personalized every site that I saw. I was happy that every site didn’t look like a recycled template that you had used and just plugged in info for every new client. Their work is really good and there were only a few companies at their level that do work as well as you. I actually got 2 other quotes after meeting with Nicole and both were similarly priced.

During the shopping phase, the communication with Nicole was easy, warm, and energetic. The meetings in her office were great and she is such a kind person who is really invested in the work that she does for each client and that’s apparent. She is also ultra busy (from briefly glancing at her calendar) so I was interested to see what working with her team would be like.

Becka, was great to work with and I loved that we had someone nudging us to get things done, but in a positive way (THANK YOU!) Danielle was great too, we were a bit concerned at first because it seemed like she didn’t get how we wanted the copy to go, but I expressed that to Nicole and by the next meeting things were on track and the copy we received from that point on was great. As far as the design team is concerned, we worked with Marianne for a while who was great, but then my business partner took over as the lead on the project as we had an internal staffing change that took me away from being as active on the website.

Working with the team overall, we were very happy, and I was happy to see that we also got a lot of that personalization at the end of the day on our website, however, I wish they would have pushed the small customized touches more and given us your artistic opinion more often. Sometimes, it felt like it was an inconvenience for us to push the customization agenda.

All in all, your polished image as a company and all the time that Nicole spends engaging really gives them guys an active, eager, and willing attitude and the work speaks for itself. Smack Happy Designs rocked for us and I would recommend you guys in a second.

To the whole team…Thank you for everything!!!

Lawrence A.