Verducci Event Productions

The Brief

VEP (Verducci Event Productions) is a high entertainment value company that specializes in hybrid and virtual events and video production. They turned to Smack Happy Design as their design and marketing partner to help take their event entertainment business to the next level. Their vision was to have the strongest, cutting-edge image in the industry.


As a result of their business pivot in 2021, VEP created a new brand, Full Picture Media, to house their Video Production side of the business separating these from the Event Production services. They asked us to create a new website for Full Picture Media and edit VEP’s site accordingly, so the two would have similar aesthetics but a clear different service offering.

The biggest challenge for this project was creating a new website while the VEP site was still live with the content that would need to be moved to Full Picture Media.


In light of the challenges 2020 presented, VEP decided to pivot and take their business to a new level with virtual and hybrid events, moving away from in-person event productions and toward higher-end video production, live broadcasts, and streaming. They wanted to update their website to highlight them as a Live Streaming/Broadcasting and Video Production Company. Also, they needed a presentation with a true WOW factor to present to enterprise companies moving forward.

Our Approach

Our team created a mobile-friendly, responsive site with a media-rich custom WordPress theme. The site provides multiple services for the variety of production services VEP offers. We created unique niches for their various clients that showcase their various services from virtual events to DJ entertainment.  


We approached this project with a clear plan that would allow us to split the VEP site in two, creating a new site for Full Picture Media and editing the VEP site accordingly.


We worked closely with the founders of VEP to create a sitemap that would show the updated and new pages strategically designed to highlight their new services. Next, we worked on wireframes for the updated homepage and new virtual services pages needed for the site. In addition, we planned and wrote all the content needed to truly make their new services shine. Finally, we designed and developed the updated homepage and services pages.

The Result

When we first partnered with VEP in 2017, we built a colorful and content-rich site that displays the passion and excellence of VEP. This website transformed the old outdated website into a new spectacular expression of who they are, unique to their business, culture, and the awesome people that make Verducci Event Productions what it is today.

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All the hard work and coordination for this project clearly paid off! We were able to successfully create a new site for FPM with content previously in VEP’s site, and edit the VEP site so it stands on its own showcasing the work they do as a top event production company.

We recently completed…

  • Ensure updated brand language throughout the website
  • Remove content that was migrated to FPM
  • Set up VEP for a Care Plan with us, so we can continue supporting his website and business needs with the help of our amazing team.

Check out the new digs!


Our team put in a lot of work for this project, and is happy to have done so! We resonate with Andrew Verducci and his company because he just wants to make people happy – and while it’s a business, he truly believes in their mission and vision. It’s an amazing thing to see him succeed and support their entire team in the process. We completed the project in smaller chunks, so the site could be kept live while they worked.

We recently completed…

  • New slide deck with custom graphics and transition animations for present mode, turned into a downloadable piece
  • All new virtual landing pages with some custom graphics
  • New homepage
  • Updates to forms, and branded culture pages
  • Adding tons of new imagery
  • Navigation tweaks
  • Write all new content for landing pages
  • DJ Entertainment service added
  • New Weddings Page
  • Edit to resource downloads
  • Site Performance Updates


Verducci Event Productions 2022 scaled


Arts & Entertainment, B2B, B2C, Events

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, Graphic Design, Illustration, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Design, Sign Up / Enrollment, Web Design, WordPress


October 2, 2020

From the Client

I can’t say enough about the amazing job that Danielle and Nicole have done with our website. It has completely transformed our business, and our clients always tell us that we have THE BEST website within our industry.

What I love about their team is that they don’t just see me as “another” client. We have become great friends, and they truly care about our company’s mission and brand. Thank you, SMACK HAPPY for being a ROCKSTAR TEAM!!

Andrew V.