Grillos Coaching

The Brief

John Grillos reached out to us because he needed guidance to create a website that looked more professional than the one he had. He was happy to write content himself, but wanted someone to provide feedback on marketing content and to design a site that would grow prospects’ interest in coaching with him. His goals were:

  • A structure that is engaging, invites people to spend time, and really look at it.
  • Have a story approach to get engagement.

Our Approach

This project was the perfect fit for our Turnkey Website Solution since the client was very comfortable with developing content and needed a fast turnaround. With the Turnkey, there’s less back and forth and more action, more quickly.

This type of website only takes about 1-2 months to complete compared to a custom website, which could take 2-6 months depending on the size, need, and functionality. It’s especially suitable if you’re looking to get a website up and running quickly. Even better, you can continue to build on and customize the website with a Care Plan that follows after launch.

The Result

The result is a clean, engaging and professional site that invites visitors to learn about all the benefits of coaching services with John Grillos. It allows visitors to get to know the company’s services easily, as well as getting access to valuable resources.

John also signed up for a Care Plan with us, so we can continue supporting his website and business needs with the help of our amazing team.


B2C, Coaching, Consulting

Our Role

HTML and CSS, Responsive Design, Web Design, WordPress


November 22, 2021

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