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The Brief

iO life science is an award-winning full-service life science partner dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering unique medical device solutions to the MedTech industry. iO came to us after several iterations of their web design that just didn’t quite portray their messaging, values, and overall brand the way they had envisioned. In summation, they needed an exceptional, responsive website that was easy to update, upheld their brand, and was easy for potential clients to understand.

Our Approach

We had the pleasure of previously working with iO for a rush project they were in need of a few months back—so, fortunately, we were able to learn about their brand a bit before we even started the new website project. To get a more well-rounded idea of what they truly wanted for the website, we began with the discovery meetings to discuss the specific details of which were important to them. While creating the sitemap layout—we also developed buyer personas, which will help iO target their most desired potential customers. Next, we worked together through four iterations of wireframes, over five versions of concept designs, and several copy edits. Additionally, for a unique experience, we added tasteful animations to the site that helped explain their process and approach to the user. Throughout the development and design process, we met several times with iO to make sure every area of the website made sense with the new strategy.

The Result

In summation, the team at iO is able to walk away from this project with a website that checks all the boxes. From a rich user experience to appropriate branding and content—the website exudes the iO culture at its core. Users are able to understand the process of what they do for their clients and the importance of their core values within their work, allowing iO to match their services well with potential clients who share similar values.

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