LaBine and Associates

The Brief

LaBine and Associates provide high-end recruiting services for companies and candidates with a unique ability to see the essence of each and understand their needs on a deeper level, making better connections. Laura came to Smack Happy because she wanted a new website that was modern, professional, and easy to navigate for users. 

Our Approach

We came up with an elegant look that showcases the class and sophistication of LaBine and Associates. Laura wanted the new site to represent the high-end services that were offered with a luxurious feel. The most important part of the website design was to transition the look of the site from an IT feel to an executive feel, letting clients know that the company is able to work worldwide. Smack Happy was able to help by offering a seamless integration of her jobs portal, which was one of Laura’s goals when creating a new site for her business.

The Result

The new site has a different feel to it. It feels high-end, clean and it is easy to navigate. We were able to add in clear calls-to-action where they were needed in order to generate quality leads for Laura and the company. Laura has been nothing short of amazing to work with as she let us take the lead in many areas involving the site and the direction of the design, trusting our experience and skills. Laura’s bubbly and joyful personality will be felt by everyone who visits the site and we are so thrilled that she chose to work with us.


B2B, Marketing & Communications, Technology, IT, Start-ups

Our Role

Graphic Design, Photoshop, Prototype, Responsive Design, User Interface, Web Design, WordPress


September 20, 2018

From the Client

The whole experience of building the new website [with SHD] was so rewarding. It felt like it was a partnership!

Laura L.