LetBlu | San Francisco Home Sharing

The Brief

LetBlu provides a concierge service to those who want to share their home via Airbnb, as well as other home sharing services, without the hassle. With advancing technology and the desire to grow—LetBlu needed to redesign their website, logo, and marketing collateral to align with the goals of the business and the target audience.

Specifically, following needed to happen to their website, logo, and marketing materials in this new journey:

  • Represent the ethos and personality of those who run the business, who are the business, with a clean, open, fun, cool and humorous appeal.
  • Call out the importance of community.
  • Attract the right clientele.
  • The website should be easy to update and maintain.
  • The website must be responsive and viewable on all devices.
  • Build name recognition.
  • No need to go with the color blue, open to colors (warm / inviting).
  • Warm and inviting look and feel.
  • Want to portray that they can take care of your home.
  • Want to portray they’re savvy.
  • VERY simple – not a lot of content.
  • Worry-free website.
  • Trustworthy messaging.

Our Approach

We started with the logo. Wow, was this fun! We got together with Blu and Michael for a creative brainstorm to get ideas from them on what they wanted to represent their business. The logo is the face of any business, and we wanted to make sure it was the perfect representation!

After choosing the concept that depicted the weathervane atop the rowhouses, we worked with Michael and Blu to refine the design and colors even more. Take a peek at the style guide. Final logo is below!

Once the final logo was chosen, we moved ahead with the business card and postcard design. Both ended up simply beautiful!

Finally, it came time to put all of these fun, whimsical colors and designs together to make one amazing website. Once the sitemap was set, we moved forward with the prototype. After some discussion and a few revisions to the prototype—we began designing. This site was made to be unique, to stand out, and to let their audience know they cared and knew what they were doing.

The Result

Over the next several weeks, we worked with Michael and Blu on adding content to the site. Once all of the copy was added and also refined—we moved forward with our usual multiple point inspection and pressed “go” for launch. This was an exciting feeling, as it was so so much fun working on this project. We can’t say more how amazing it was to work with Michael and Blu on such a creative project—we’re so honored to have you on board with us. LetBlu is now set to take on more website traffic, foster new partnerships, and create that extra income for their home sharing clients.

In addition to the postcard, business card, and logo graphics—we’d also included a downloadable version of the website as a printed guide as an added value on the website for their potential customers.


B2C, Local Business, Skilled Trades, Small Business

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, Graphic Design, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Logo Design, Photoshop, Prototype, Responsive Design, Web Design, WordPress


October 17, 2018

From the Client

These days, everyone thinks they can make a website, take a picture, or write a story. But, it takes a team like Smack Happy to bring unique creativity and a strong business sense to your website and, ideally, all of your marketing materials. Nicole understands the business value of design and functionality, and delivers an engaging product. And, Danielle as project manager was invaluable; without her we’d still be sitting around wishing we were done.

Michael P.