National Auto Parts

The Brief

Creating this site was fun for us–and the client–right from the start. We first designed this website with a unique and creative touch. Recently, the client needed us to re-vamp the site.

Our Approach

We designed this fun website with interactive car and truck photos. When the visitor rolls over an image, it gives you an example of the kinds of parts they offer for that vehicle. Recently, the customer also needed a re-vamp with a new font and logo.

The Result

The site includes all of the fun pieces we originally created together, and now includes a fresh, new look with updated branding (logo and font).


B2C, Small Business

Our Role

Concept, Custom Theme, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Responsive Design, Single-Page Design, Web Design, WordPress


December 15, 2014

From the Client

Nicole [and team] has been our rock-star since day 1 and we are very happy to work with her. She’s been very responsive and able to do a lot of different designs and styles for us depending on what we are looking for.

We’ve had seen our web traffic increase dramatically with her help on new designs and updates to our web page.

Great references, great work, great person. Need I say more?

Ray Tsai