New Vintage Mortgage (Paul Stella)

The Brief

Paul Stella, Sr. Mortgage Consultant at New Vintage Mortgage has been helping SF Bay Area residents make successful, life-changing real estate finance decisions for more than 16 years. Paul came to us looking for a new, fun, simple website he could easily update, maintain, and grow.


1. Build a reputation and credibility for New Vintage Mortgage in the SF Bay Area
2. To create a website including unique content
3. Enable potential clients to easily contact him through the web
4. Ability to quickly and easily update the website

Our Approach

Having worked with Paul in the past to create buyer research and data profiles, we knew this one would be a lot of fun. Since the goal was to have a more simple, lightweight website – we suggested building it all with our ready-to-use Turnkey Solution versus something built from scratch. The theme is custom-designed by Smack Happy, and set up to be personalized to fit the unique needs of the client and their business.

After digging into likes, dislikes, and key items – together, we chose colors to compliment the new logo, and a more modern font to support.

As we updated the design, our team made sure to keep the navigation and content top of mind when considering the placement of titles, body text, imagery, and overall design elements. During this phase, Paul provided us with the content for each page for us to finesse and add to each section.

Outside of the typical process, we also helped refine a video that had been recorded from a previous endeavor – but still relevant and totally valuable to share with potential clients. We created a clipped version for the addition of a video hero on the homepage and added an updated “business card” at the end of the full-length video, shown on the About Us page.

The Result

We launched this site in a little over 8 weeks, and honestly, it felt amazing digging into a newer service offering (the Turnkey) and find out how seamless it really is. A perfect fit. Not to mention, Paul was awesome to work with and we’re looking forward to continuing to support New Vintage Mortgage through their WordPress Support Plan.


Update! We just finished up a sweet new business card design.


Real Estate

Our Role

Custom Theme, Graphic Design, Managed Printing, Responsive Design, Web Design, WordPress


April 26, 2020

From the Client

I hired Smack Happy Design for my website. The process was organized, the communication was strong, they were flexible with my payment structure and the continued support that I have received since launch has been great. I am thoroughly pleased with my end product and would highly recommend!

Paul Stella