Play It Safe Consulting

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The Brief

Rosie, the owner at Play It Safe Consulting, needed a website to showcase their consumer product services that bridge the gap between a product, the regulatory landscape, and the consumer.

Our Approach

We designed a fast, responsive one-page website with the client’s needs in mind using expandable content, scrolling testimonials, a stored entry form, and Google Analytics tracking.

The Result

Rosie is now able to promote her business online and reach new customers through her website; something she wasn’t able to do before. Potential customers are able to quickly understand what the business is about and how to contact Rosie for any consumer product inquiries.

Role / Custom Theme / Responsive Design / Web Design / WordPress
Industry / B2C / Small Business

From the Client:

To be honest, I wanted to go with Smack Happy initially but I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to afford it and I was a bit intimidated. So I went another route and found a 1 person graphic designer who I thought could translate what I wanted into a logo and website. Boy, was I wrong! After several frustrating months and money spent I realized I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. Ultimately I needed to work with a company that I could trust would be able to take my ideas and know how to translate that into a website that was current and resonated with me.

I loved the initial inquiry where I was able to “tell my story” and define what I was looking for. The questions were great and provided a cathartic experience. I felt listened to and I hadn’t even met with you yet!  :)

Once I did I greatly appreciated the willingness to work within my budget and provide an excellent product and great service. And it was all so easy. I was continually impressed with your online scheduling, billing, etc.