The Brief

Maria Colacurcio, CEO of Syndio, approached us about development after hiring an outside designer to redesign their current website. Syndio is an HR analytics company that promotes fairness in every stage of employment, starting with equal pay. The new website needed to showcase the technology and data science behind their vision for eradicating pay inequality in the workplace. Maria has worked with us previously on the Accelerate Seattle website project and knew that she wanted to use our team to develop and code the designer’s vision. The new website was designed to showcase how rampant pay inequality is in various workplaces throughout the world through custom imagery and thoughtful copy. Syndio’s mission to bring equal pay for equal work to the forefront of the pay inequality discussion fits perfectly with Smack Happy’s mission, “to make people genuinely happy”. We believe in pay equality across the board and we were thrilled that Syndio chose us to help make their vision come to life.

Our Approach

The deadline was tight for this project. We were tasked with taking all the Sketch designs from the designer and coding them into a beautiful, fully-functional website in a little over a month. We love a challenge, but besides the deadline, this project was more fun than it seemed like work. Working with the various members of the team that made the new website come to life was a bit complicated at times, but the end goal of a website that will help end pay inequality, comforted and motivated all of us throughout the project. The new website was designed to showcase all of the science behind their software and how it can help businesses evaluate their internal pay structure with an end goal of having the website visitors request a demo of the software. The month-long process gave us the opportunity to learn about some new tools including Trello and Sketch. This was necessary for us to work with the other teams on the project. Working with new tools can be complicated in a time crunch, but as we said, the end goal continually motivated our team through the learning curve. Overall, we had a great experience working with Syndio’s copywriter, the designer and the whole Syndio team throughout the project’s duration.

The Result

Syndio’s new website was launched at the end of April 2019. The site features clean, modern design and exceptionally clean code. Users will also experience custom photography, a custom theme, and a robust CMS (WordPress), integrated with Pardot for seamless lead tracking and follow up. The team at Syndio was integral to our process as they provided timely, constructive feedback and always did so in a professional manner. Heather (Stix Design) was a key piece to getting the site launched as she helped co-project manage the new website launch with our project manager, John. Her insight and design experience was crucial to the look and feel of the new website. Maria and the Syndio team will be trained on the new website (as we do with every customer) and will be able to feel confident editing and managing their content whenever they like. Our end-goal is always the same, to have the customer feel comfortable editing their own website after we finish a project. (We believe) Syndio will change the way the world sees pay equity and the team is extremely proud and thankful that we were able to help bring Syndio’s vision to life with a new website.


B2B, Financial, SAAS, Technology, IT, Start-ups

Our Role

Custom Theme, Responsive Design, Web Design, Wireframes, WordPress


May 3, 2019

From the Client

Smack Happy is a scrappy agency that hustles. They have incredible account managers who are responsive problem solvers.

John was so responsive, kind and understanding. John also has a remarkable way of working with customers and ensuring we feel taken care of. He communicates clearly and well and is upfront when budgets are tight and/or going over. He busts his tail to be a problem solver and I appreciate that immensely. Also, I knew I would not be able to be involved with the details and I needed to know Heather would have someone to work with.

We had a goal of drafting and creating an entirely new corporate web site in 6 weeks from scratch. We hit our deadline and unveiled a site that is beautifully designed, has incredible integrations (Salesforce.com Pardot, etc) and is optimized for SEO.

Highly recommend. Would hire again.

Maria Colacurcio