Tandem Partnerships

The Brief

Tandem Partnerships (Tandem) is an agency that specializes in nationwide sponsorship sales, strategy, and experiential marketing, and fulfillment. With advancing technology, Tandem needed to develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to align with the goals of the business and the target audience. Tandem needed a plan that attracted new clients, positioned itself as a thought leader in the industry, and provided credibility to potential joint venture partners. With that, they understood that some web updates would be needed to implement any new strategy moving forward.

Our Approach

We recommended the development of a completely new SEO strategy. The new strategy was designed to:

  • Create an updated website experience (for all users) that is easy-to-use and understand, by updating technical elements of the site—including navigational menu(s), design, code, and URL structure
  • Improve the technical foundation (Technical SEO) of the website to improve how Google and other search engines see the site
  • Help the audience understand who Tandem is, what they do, and how Tandem can help—encouraging users to take the next step and contact Tandem
  • Increase page speed by running diagnostic reports and making improvements to reduce load time and keep the user on the site
  • Help rank the most important pieces of the site in search based on keyword phrases and semantic search strategies

Additionally, the following “behind the scenes” features were built-in to the strategy:

  • Google analytics performance reporting
  • High-speed page loading / caching
  • Redirects for any URL(s) that may have changed during the migration process
  • SEO plugin setup & configuration
  • Caching solutions
  • Optimized web hosting services

The Result

Before we began, we helped Tandem develop SMART goals to help them achieve their larger business goals each quarter. We surpassed every goal so far. In Q1 so far:

  • 24% increase new users
  • -43.25% positive shift in bounce rate (from 46% to 25%)
  • ~36% increase in sessions
  • 51% increase in pageviews (22% increase in unique pageviews)
  • Pagespeed cut down by almost half (49.14%)
  • 100% increase in goal completions (leads)
  • Site health from 63% (D) to 100% (A)
  • So far, over 15% increase in keyword / search visibility
  • 15 keywords on top 10 results
  • 5 keywords on top 5 results
  • 3 keywords on 1st page (accounting for 65% of traffic volume)



B2B, Events, Marketing & Communications

Our Role

HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, WordPress


March 11, 2018

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